21 Articles to Aid Deconstruction of Christianity

Below is a compilation of articles that the author wrote as a journal of his faith journey in real time, and which studies ultimately led to his deconstruction of organized Christianity. The articles are not in chronological order, so some paragraphs may seem to uphold institutional Christianity. However, such paragraphs are older; their overall content …

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Radicalized Christian nationalism is a growing threat to American democracy | Arwa Mahdawi | The Guardian

A relatively small but incredibly organized faction is working to turn the country into something resembling a theocracy — Read on http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/dec/11/radicalized-christian-nationalism-growing-threat-american-democracy

Russia and China (and their ally proxy nations) are provoking G7 nations to WW3

While we’re distracted by surviving Covid variants and surges, #Russia and #China (and their ally proxy nations) are provoking #G7 nations to #WW3 over #Ukraine [Thread] G7 warns Russia o...… — Read on threadreaderapp.com/thread/1471639197320716294.html

Theory of Political Backlash: Assessing the Religious Right’s Effects on the Religious Field | Sociology of Religion | Oxford Academic

Abstract. A growing body of evidence suggests that the rise in religious disaffiliation can be partly attributed to a political backlash against the Religious R — Read on academic.oup.com/socrel/advance-article-abstract/doi/10.1093/socrel/srab050/6428123