Are You Ready?

I was recently on a website which hosts a video – “A Visual Portrayal of the Second Coming…” [here] The video depicted vanishing people. Consequently, in the comment section to the video, there was a good lot of confusion about the second coming vs. the rapture. I can see why, since the rapture is a different event from the Second Coming, though both events share similar happenings.

We all need to study out passages like 1Cor. 15:51-57; John 14:2-3; 1Thess. 4:13-14, 16-17. It is also necessary to note that these passages are not referring to the same event as Matt. 24:40. With a little study, one will notice that there will be two “disappearing acts” in the last days (which I believe we are in). The Matthew passage has to do with unbelievers disappearing from earth and going to judgment when Christ actually touches down on earth for His Millennial Reign. Believers are left behind. That certainly is different to the initial set of passages I cite above, where believers will be “taken up” to the clouds where Jesus awaits. We who believe will be taken away so that unbelievers will go through the Great Tribulation Period (7 years). In either case, one does not want to be found not believing.

Despite good people disagreeing on subjects like the timing of these events, we are all given the command through Scripture to be in an attitude of watching and praying and anticipating Christ’s coming. See Titus 2:13 1John 2:28, 3:2

Some good books to reference are:
“God’s Prophetic Blueprint” – Bob Shelton
“Three Views on the Rapture” – Gundry; Archer
“Understanding End Times Prophecy” – Paul N. Benware
“The Bible & Future Events” – Leon J. Wood
“Things to Come” – Dwight J. Pentecost

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