When It Comes Down to It

Philosophers discuss it. Scientists theorize about it. Have you ever entertained the question of what makes people human? What sets us apart from animals?
Is it:
  • Sense of time and existence in it–the unshakable awareness that we are mortal?
  • That we systematically study and observe nature and all other species. (Humans are learning oriented–process over pragmatist–how and why, not just what)
  • Sense of responsibility not only to one another but also to the earth and all that’s in it?
  • Social and economical abilities?
  • Capacity for reason and morality (for good/bad) along with conscience? — That we think about our thinking or contemplate our actions/attitudes
  • Artistic nature that allows us to imagine and create and desire accomplishment?
  • Desire to love and be loved?
  • Universal concept of deity and a tangent desire for peace?
  • Wider range of experience of expression and personality than all other objects/animals/organisms, evident in our physiology and interactions?

All these things touch on human-ness. Evolution cannot really account for the “Je ne ce que” that separates us from the rest of the creature world around us. Will science honestly be able to account for the soul of man–to give not just a how, but also, a why for that which makes all of us the same in species but never the exact same in personage? Truthfully, we have a hard time figuring out our own selves.

No, your personage cannot be duplicated and human-ness cannot be discovered or fabricated in a lab. Essence is innate, given, self-evidence of One greater than us… who grants us ourselves as a gift.

Yes, all these things touch on human-ness; and, if you will receive the truth, the essence of humanity boils down to this one solution. We are made. We are made to bear about a likeness; we are made to bear God’s very likeness. In the beginning, He made us in His image… to know and share a part in His freedoms and powers of person; so that in this make-up, we should be able to know Him. (Genesis 1-2)

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