When We Were Free

Ask an ethnicity its greatest resentment, and hatred for oppressors will enter your ears. Native Americans dislike the French, Spanish, United States and English who “conquered” them for gold and land. African Americans understandably despise English and those of early United States history for stealing their lives for slave labor. Much the same, the Irish and Scottish and Welsh and peoples of India deeply and heartily loath the English for their many historical mistreatments and oppressions. Then, the English themselves recoil with ethnic pride when one assumes their ancestors were mere savages before Rome brought “civilization.” Yes; it’s true. In the case of English history as well as the historic European/Mediterranean world, Rome invaded until “peace” was reached. Alexander’s Greek Empire set the example for that. With regards to the rest of the world, the peoples of the middle east and far east and of every continent have suffered domination or captivity. I haven’t mentioned anything of the Tang Dynasty and the Tibetan Empire, of the Islamic Empires, or of the Russian Expansion. A lineage of travesty goes far back; and the conquered resent the conquerors. We all have felt it.

If one could trace “the lineage of subjugation” back to the very beginning of humanity, what would he find? What if he were to discover that humanity itself has been so thoroughly subjected to a foreign enemy that we have lost the ways original to humanity? And, if one were to look that far back might he discover a solid reason for world unification? Ok ok, so perhaps we would find a reason for universal peace, but actuating peace is another story…. Consider it, though. What if there were an original Dominator of not just one people group, but rather of the whole human race? What if that first enslavement of humanity could be remembered? Could that memory serve at least as a reason for unity against the Oppressor and/or for gaining back the original inner and outer workings of humanity? If humanity were under that same common Enemy till this day, wouldn’t our rally cry be something like, “When we were free!”

Admittedly, that is a lot of “what ifs” and “mights.” Yet, if one will receive it, the Bible offers the above explanation for the state of current human affairs–for oppression, war, genocides, slavery and resentments. We once were free but now are captive on the whole. Humanity does have an ancient common enemy till this day. At its inception, our race was thoroughly conquered by a foreign enemy to the point of inward spiritual alteration; and so, we cannot possibly remember or know our original state. That infiltration happened through trickery and our own choice, much like beads and firewater to the Native American. Indeed, our present natural ways reflect the heart of our cruel captor as a general rule – greed, pride, trickery, lies, climbing at the cost of others, force. Fact is stranger than fiction. No?

The last Adam is yet another glorious name of Jesus Christ. Whereas we and our world were plunged into a kingdom of darkness through the disobedience of the first Adam in Garden of Eden, the Last Adam was put to death and then resurrected in order to regain what was relinquished to our Adversary, the Devil. Jesus paid a ransom for our own souls and consequently the realm of earth, as it should only ever be governed by mankind under God–that is original freedom. Remember, you were made to be that kind of free.

What is Christianity, really? Christianity is your being translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of God’s dear Son. It happens at the moment one places his trust in Jesus Christ alone to pardon his sinful soul. At that, he is made a new creature in Christ and is reconciled now and forever with God – the one and true High King of earth. So let it be!

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