Homosexuality and “Hate”

[Lamb’s Harbinger (writer, Sam Kean) realizes the below article is homophobic and based off of poor interpretations of the Bible, garnered from his fundamentalist and conservative evangelical past. He has since written a more up-to-date and accurate view of Queer theology, especially as regarding the subject of marriage HERE and HERE; and he can only apologize profoundly for his miss on the below article. As the About page of this blog indicates, Sam Kean is still learning and healing from the deeply abusive early life he endured, and he begs the critics’ indulgence, if nothing else, than to gain a real-time view of the writer’s evolving faith.]

Before anything else, let me state that I am not “homophobic.” I, personally, am not homosexual. Yet, over the span of my young life, I have made many aquaintances (I would call them friends) who are homosexual by their own proclamation. Over the next years of life, however many God may grant me, I hope to obtain more friends, regardless of their sexual orientation. I believe Christ would do the same, because he befriended me and I am not above any. If anything, I am the least of all.

I write this entry to voice my assertion (along with biblical Christianity) that hatred does not have a place in the heart of the Body of Christ, neither in part nor whole. Accordingly, I add that the homosexual community cannot rightly claim hatred or hateful messages from the Bible or from true followers of the Bible’s teachings. It is true that the Bible does identify, even specifically, where mankind falls short of God’s glory or even willfully witholds thankfulness to God. But, the New Testament does not teach hatred; and though one may display hatred, that is only a revelation as to whether or not he is truly following accurate biblical teachings. Furthermore, if one is biblical in his Christianity, then he will find it inconsistent with the Spirit of Christ to committ a hate crime or spread hateful messages about same-sex oriented people, just as a biblical Christian is characterized by his love for and impartiality to all people.

I assert that this stance is not a matter of tolerance (religious, political or personal), as some force it to be. This sort of ethical treatment of all persons can only genuinely spring up from biblical (agape, or God-like) Love. Neither does this stance equate with a condoning attitude. One may be of such a disposition as to not condone the behaviors and lifestyle of another, and yet, he may also be filled with genuine and selfless care for the person whose lifestyle and actions he does not condone. This is also a testament to the Spirit of Christ (the Son of God) who was sent “into the world not to condemn it, but that the world through Him might be saved” (John 3:16-17).

These things being duly asserted, those of the homosexual community (along with every community) must come to realize that the Bible is not neutral on matters of morality. I will not argue here of the nature or origins of one’s homosexuality. Those topics are really of no consequence, because (self-evidently) all of us are born with the same human nature. That is why we fight against inequality and injustice. I will, however, argue what is apparent and inexorable by the body of Holy Writ. First, all of us need God’s grace. That is, one cannot become a Christian through the regeneration of his nature, unless he agrees with God that his “own ways” and his natural self are terribly flawed in comparison to God’s nature (as revealed in the Bible). Those who attest to be biblically Christian have lain down the identity of their “old life” in order to allow their new identity in Christ as adopted children of God, as Christ-indwelled believers, and as the Lord’s servant-ambassadors to shine brightly to the world.

One might call this a life of self-denial. But, it is more spiritually organic than that. The identity exchange (also termed an adoption) happens as a right granted by God (John1:12 ff) upon one’s repentance toward God and faith in Christ’s Grace to bring about 2 things:

  1. Reconciliation to God (2 Cor. 5:19)
  2. Regeneration of the fallen nature (Romans 1-6). This fundamental change of identity “in Christ” is the essence of Christianity, and one’s living it out by faith both describes the Christian struggle in this contrary world and determines one’s reward at the Second Coming of Christ. Simply put, homosexuality is of the “old life” not of Christ’s life. A Christian must put off the old and put on the Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 13:11-14; Eph. 4:17-24; Col. 3:5-17).

No one is forcing anyone to become a Christian, but if one realizes his need of the Savior, then its all or nothing; because Christ gave all for all (2 Cor. 5:14-15).

The question of whether Christianity will or should accept homosexuals is misplaced. That is a matter proven already by the sacrifice of Jesus, whose nail-pierced hands were and are opened wide to all. Homosexuals should not ask whether the Bible, God and Christianity will love and accept them, as if there is where the burden lay.

The real question to be asked by homosexuals and those struggling against same-sex attraction is the same that every person must ask. “Am I willing to love and accept and follow God through Jesus Christ, the Savior?” For everyone, it is the same question–not, “Does God love me?” But rather, “DO I LOVE GOD?”–not, “Will Christianity conform to me?” But, “Will I submit to God as he reveals himself and his will for me in the Bible?

Anyone who is brave enough to ask himself or herself these questions will inevitably find his/her own need of reconciliation to God the motivation for faith in Christ’s Grace. All who are now “born again” have had a change of mind about God and self. And, no one who has trusted in God’s redeeming grace is of the same identity in God’s eyes.

How does God view the homosexual before one’s change of mind toward God and faith in Christ? According to the Bible, he views them as he does every member of humanity–in need of mercy and reconciliation to Himself. Therefore, all Christianity (being of the same mind as God) should view the homosexual community as neither above nor below themselves. None of us are commendable to God. All of us need Jesus. This is the great level of the biblical Gospel. Let us encourage every person toward repentance and faith, toward a reconciled and harmonious relationship with God.

How does God view one after one’s change of mind toward God and faith in Christ? According to the Bible, “such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God” (1 Cor. 6:9-11). Therefore, let us encourage every believer to live out God’s view of him or her–the true identity of every believer in exchange for every other identity, sexual or otherwise.




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5 thoughts on “Homosexuality and “Hate”

  1. You are correct in the fact there is no room for hate in the Christian heart. The sin of homosexuality is no different than the husband (or wife) who is into adultery. Nor is it any different than bestiality, or being a thief, actually being a murderer, in scripture these are actually all listed together in the same verse. In fact, these sins (except for bestiality) are more common than homosexuality.
    When we become Christians, we repent these sins, and we are to move away from it, not to commit these sins any longer. We are not to judge any of these people, nor are we to condone their behavior, nor hate.
    We are obligated to warn anyone, regardless of their choice of sins of the punishment they may face. It is no different than warning them a truck is about to hit them and suggest they move out of its path.
    The one major problem I have with this particular sin, is not the sin itself, but the fact certain people who are committing this particular brand of sin are trying to convince the rest of us that it is an acceptable lifestyle, and to teach our children the same. This is not acceptable. Would you condone someone teaching your children it is ok to be a thief, that it is simply a life choice. I don’t think so. I had a brother in law who was unfaithful to my sister. I didn’t hate him for it, I did tell him it wasn’t the right thing to do, and he didn’t try to convince me it was, in fact he knew it wasn’t right. It was a sin, he needed to repent, and cease committing this sin. But the choice was his, and it is not my place to judge, God takes care of that, and maybe there was something in his life, that God will understand and forgive, I just don’t know, not my place to know.
    My question would be why don’t we have articles like this concerning other people with other sins? Did you know that pedophiles are falling in line now? They are banding together, insisting they were born with this sin, and it is natural for an adult to have sex with a child. This used to be a common activity in certain cultures in their temple worship. We don’t seem to have a problem condemning them do we?
    So, I agree with you, lets don’t hate, lets share the truth of the gospel, but lets not glorify sin either.


    1. Thanks “Churches of Christ USA”! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is certainly the answer.

      You are correct that the agenda of the LGBT community is apparent. They desire everyone (including the Federal and State governments) to accept their lifestyle as a natural and normal way of sexual orientation, or even as a categorical minority of the population. They reason this because they recognize the dispositions and drives they have as natural. If we are speaking strictly theologically, then I am forced to affirm their claim but for different reasons than they wish to hear. Truthfully, the fallen nature of humanity is naturally disposed to all kinds of deviance and depravity, including homosexuality. So, the Bible is upheld by their own claim. However, what they are not taking into account is that though an impulse is native within someone or capable of being imagined, that does not give license to act on the impulse. Personal moral restraint is necessary for everyone to display, no matter what deviance humanity can desire. History proves that a society which gives license to any desire can expect its end sooner than later. Again, these factors serve to prove the Bible is correct about the human condition. The LGBT may also see their lifestyle as reasonable, because they consider the same sex easier to understand and/or communicate with. Though the same sex may be easier or less threatening to relate with (in certain aspects to some), there is a natural balance provided by God between male and female. Same sex relationships may be “easier” but it is imbalance and improper, according to physicality and the principle of balance–not to mention the image of God in mankind.

      Both the presence of such desires (which are against natural law) and the need to restrain them proves God is correct about the fallen nature of mankind. And since God is correct about the fallen nature of mankind, then He is also correct about mankind’s need of reconciliation with God and regeneration of the inner man. Er go, Jesus Christ.

      My hope is that Christians will proclaim the need for regeneration (“new birth” – John 3) and the ability of God to regenerate our innate human nature in these days where the depravity of natural man is so widely seen and excused. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer, debating politically is not.


    1. Hey Daniel! This is a tough matter to navigate interpersonally, doubtless. However, regarding your question, I answer it theologically as well as philosophically. Theologically, my answer is represented in earlier replies to previous comments on this post (please see above). For the philosophical answer, I refer to Ravi Zacharias’ explanation, which is also detailed in previous replies (above).


  2. Sam

    Biblical Answers on What Jesus Thought of Homosexuality: In short, Jesus saw homosexuality categorically the same as all other moral matters, through the lens of Truth… not to condemn but to reveal the human condition and his power to rescue (John 3:17) those who want rescuing.


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