Moral Absolutes

A new study from Yale finds that babies are born with a sense of morality and are not blank slates. Instead of arguing it out fully (which many successfully have done to prove the existence of moral absolutes), I will simply have the reader note that even if one says he believes in no moral absolutes, he lives by absolutes to some degree every day… and if he does not (ex. Enron, Wall Street) then others will demand consequence upon him. This fact is not due to social conditioning. It is due to a sense of justice that is universal to humanity and most evidenced when we ourselves are “wronged.” These arguments are not from pragmatism; every student of history and anthropology and sociology knows they are evidences which prove the postulate. If anarchists and/or proponents of moral ambiguity could see their views in action on a full scale, then they would want to hit the “abort mission” button faster than lightning strikes.

Let me provide you with some excellent resources on the subject after highlighting America’s societal norms that come straight from the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. There is no other holy book which can compare to the specificity and replete scope of morality as the Old Testament, Hebrew Tanakh. [credit for the following owed to Richard Hand, J.D.]

Covenants and Contracts:

  • Conditional –> Bilateral (Exodus 19:5-8): requires respect and mutual observance/compliance, honor of word.
  • Unconditional –> Unilateral (Gen. 12:2-3): requires trust

Blue Laws (which can be tied to labor rights for reasonable accommodation and religious observance) – Exodus 20:8-10

Criminal Law

  • Homicide – Exodus 20:13
  • Murder vs. Manslaughter – Ex. 21:12-14
  • Larceny – Exodus 20:15
  • Perjury – Exodus 20:16
  • Weighing testimony: Dt. 19:16-19
  • Kidnapping, Forced Enslavement, Human Trafficking, etc. – Ex. 21:16; Dt. 24:7

Other Crimes

  • Assault – Ex. 21:12-14
  • Adultery (grounds for divorce today) – Exodus 20:14
  • Abortion or feticide – Exodus 21:22-23
  • Reckless endangerment – Exodus 21:28-29
  • Burglary – Exodus 22:2-3
  • Embezzlement – Exodus 22:7-8
  • Bribery – Exodus 23:8
  • Contempt of Court – Lev. 5:1
  • Rape – Dt. 22:25-27
  • Seduction – Dt. 22:28-29

Criminal Punishment:

  • Let the punishment fit the crime – Exodus 21:23-24; Lev. 24:19-20; Dt. 19:21
  • Let the punishment deter the crime – Exodus 22:1, 9
  • Let the punishment restore the victim – Exodus 22:3, 12

Negligence Torts: (unintentional wrongs – Exodus 22:6) – duty owed, duty breached, proximate cause, damages

Intentional Torts:

  • Direct and Consequential – Exodus 21:18-19
  • Punitive – Exodus 21:22

Premises Liability:

  • Keeping safe – Dt. 22:8
  • Warnings against hazards – Exodus 21:33-34

Federal Agency Law:

  • Environmental Protection & Aid to Families w. dependents – Exodus 23:10-11 (workfare)
  • Food and Drug Admin. – Leviticus 11
  • Center for Disease Control – Leviticus 13-15

Respondent Superior: (the employer pays for injury or damages caused by the employee, even though the master has done nothing wrong) – this principle is established by Lev. 1:1-4 and refers one to God’s morality in providing a Redeemer for all creation (1 Pet. 2:21-24).



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