European Central Banks, The U.S. Federal Reserve and the Global Bank Tax

2013 showed more development toward a New World Order than many notice, giving even more credence to the Bible’s end times prophecies. Predictions like those made in the book “Aftershock” by Robert Wiedemer seem to have been false. After all, there was no absolute crash…. Or was there? Is a government shut down a small thing? And, when a government shuts down, changes have to be in place for it to reconvene.

The U.S.A. (National Parks and Prime Real Estate) is partly owned by the Chinese and Japanese. And, this kind of international investment exchange has been going on for some time.

The following news bits (gathered from the last quarter of last year) connect the USA, Germany, the UK and France to  investments in Indonesia (its economic advance based on natural resource and renewable energy) and other subsidiary nations. Because the Euro and the central bank in Germany “cannot be saved;” and despite Germany’s more recent pleas with Great Britain to join in, the US and leading European Union countries are “investing” in Indonesia’s land, economy and resources for the chance to stabilize the developed world’s global economy and to gain or maintain power/control over less “developed” nations such as Indonesia. [This might also explain US’s refusal to limit the debt ceiling and take austerity measures (a.k.a. point of default, cuts), seeing the “deals” would get the U.S. an advantage to invest—even with “borrowed money”]. Sadly, Indonesia is being taken in, and they have agreed to a “Global Bank Tax.”

Euro Crisis: (“Euro cannot be saved” — Germany’s Minister of Finance)

France is backed by Indonesia (This is the principle of reciprocal value. Investment means ownership. Ownership means value to currency.)

Indonesia sets aside nature preserves, which really means “development” (de-forestation and mining) have begun.

Spreadsheet of International Investment — just look at what the US and Japan (a US global partner) have been doing with Indonesia

Indonesia Agrees to Global Bank Tax — whatever inflow and economic upswing they see will have a percentage pumped to Europe/West.

BUT, what is happening in Indonesia is not just political or economical… and neither is the “global economy.”

Sharia Law Overtaking Indonesia

When I was in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2009, Islamic NGOs (Non Government Organizations) like Muhammadiyah had been at work for years funding the economic and societal/ecological advances within Indonesia. Do not think of this as a charity thing with no strings attached. One has to understand that eastern culture runs by the principle of relationship known as “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine.” And an Islamic NGO has its agenda just like Christian ones do.

So what is the plan of these islamic NGO’s like Muhammadiyah? To answer the question, one must first realize that Indonesia has been a pluralistic government (officially recognizing 5 major religions) since the time that Japan left occupation in the mid 1900s. Historically, however, Indonesia has been mainly 3 religious populations–1) Spiritism/Animism, or Black Magic; 2) Islamic; 3) Christian. The farther East and South one goes in the Indonesian islands, the more nominal Christians he finds. The farther West and North one goes, the more Muslim one finds. So, Sumatra and Java are more Islamic….and these islands are generally regarded by Islamic structures in the Middle East as authentic for their adherence to the things which make a good Muslim and good Islamic society.

What Islamic NGOs are trying to do is 1) send missionaries from Sumatra and Java to the rest of the Indonesian Islands, especially the nominally Christian ones; 2) Receive funding from the Middle East through NGOs in order to… 3) “develop” the undeveloped islands with energy resources and civilization. AND, this is done all with the intent of making the people of these islands thankful toward those who have come to “develop” their living standards…and so, turn them into devout Muslim, whether they are animist/spiritist or nominal Christian. One must also understand that Islam views the West and the USA as satanic, so to have Indonesian government officials doing business with the West is unbearable for a devout Indonesian Muslim, unless he believes he can gain something more by it. That is why these organizations (based in the Middle East and feeding into Indonesia) are racing to rescue Indonesia from “the West.”

There is a big race for souls and land resources in Indonesia! There is a big global race toward the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Please pray!


**Update*** – REUTER’S reports: 3/30/14 — Nationalism takes centre stage in Indonesia’s election campaign –

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