The Resurrection of Jesus: Evidence Beyond Reasonable Doubt

As Easter approaches, Lamb’s Harbinger would be remiss to forget an apologetic regarding the resurrection of Jesus. “Why doesn’t God give more evidence?” scream the skeptics and agnostics.

While it seems some want tangible proof, as in seeing and touching Jesus–I answer that here–; and while others want scientific proof that miracles (let alone a resurrection) can happen, God has seen fit to leave mankind with evidences, which provide for proof beyond reasonable doubt. Sure, one can doubt. That is the possibility. However, there is a difference between the reasonable doubt and the irrational or unreasonable.

Examining the Evidence:

  1. Historicity, Veracity and Accuracy of New Testament docs as Eye-witness Accounts
    • More copies of originals made over a shorter span of time than all Ancient Greco-Roman documents combined
    • Majority of the extant copies (MSS, Codexes, Scrolls) provide ~99.99% accuracy based on cross-examination and comparison
    • The 4 Gospels provide corroborating but not faked (conflating) eye-witness perspectives of Christ’s life, words, death and resurrection.
    • Paul, an intelligent and well-educated man (instructed at the historic school of Gamaliel) later recorded that over 500 saw Jesus alive (1 Cor. 15:1-6).
    • Luke, a medical doctor of the day and also a historian in his own right, gives account of the ascension of Jesus.
    • The Gospel writers were not self-serving: they wrote embarrassing facts about themselves, preached and practiced morality, received no money, and died heinous deaths for their unshakable testimonies of Christ… not exactly the stuff of conspiracy and charlatanism.
  2. Corroboration of historians and scholars within the 1st Century and 2nd Century A.D.
    • JosephusTacitus
    • Patristics account for the great majority of not just the gospels but all of the New Testament by collectively quoting passages in their writings.
  3. Science can’t disprove existence of miracles [see resources below]
  4. The nation of Israel rejects Jesus as their Messiah, according to biblical prophecy (Isaiah 6:10)
  5. The Tomb of Christ is empty in comparison to any other religious leader.

With all of these abundant evidences, the death and resurrection of Jesus, it is still possible to doubt. But, is that doubt reasonable?



Miracles – by C. S. Lewis miracles

Miracles – in BECA by Norm Geisler

Cold Case Christianity – by J. Warner Wallace

I don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist – by Frank Turek

The Case for the Resurrection – by Lee Strobel

iWitness Resurrection App – by Selfless Defense

Gary Habermas – Online Resource for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Who is this Jesus? – Part 1 & Part 2

The Substantial Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ United with Assured Proof

Israel as Proof of God’s Existence: The Assault of Atheism

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