Parents Playing God

A recent article by ABC News announced: “New Tech Allows Parents Genetic ‘Preview’ Before Conception,” but there is not much in the article about the moral implications or ramifications of this kind of action. I will not write much more about this. I will only say: Gattaca (1997). See the Movie. Then, think.

Like Gattaca, I will present the following biblical quotation:

Ecclesiastes 7:13 “Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what He has made crooked?”



First GMO Corn, Then Frankenfish, And Now — Get Ready For Designer Babies | Natural Blaze, Dec. 25, 2015

Gay couples could soon have children with traits of BOTH fathers:  ‘Multiplex parenting’ could allow up to 32 people to contribute to child’s DNA Daily Mail | Dec. 17, 2015

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Embryo Screening (video, NYT)

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Ethics Questions Arise as Genetic Testing of Embryos Increases | NYT

Industry’s Growth Leads to Leftover Embryos, and Painful Choices | NYT



Film & Theology: Gattica

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Gattaca: Brave New World A Movie review of Gattaca (Andrew Niccol) by Greg Grooms

The Problem of Pain by C. S. Lewis

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