Questions for the Pope

Dear Pope Francis,

Why is your Doctrine of Communion not supported by the New Testament, the Holy Scriptures?

Why do you currently sell indulgences for sin, like it’s the Middle Ages? Haven’t we been through all of that? Martin Luther had a big problem with it… and so does the New TestamentJesus and the Apostles, that is.

Why did the the RCC hold a summit for Catholic and Muslim leaders in 2008? We never heard what that was about. Hopefully, it was not about how you’re all the same, because the New Testament… well, you get the point. Remember how Muslim leaders consulted with Hitler to exterminate the Jews? You don’t want to replace the Jews, do you? Don’t get me wrong. I disdain the German Liberal Protestant Theology which fueled the Nazi crematoria as much as you might (given that those pesky Germans led the Reformation). That’s why I’m neither Protestant nor Catholic but Anabaptist [sorry]; you can’t blame me, though. Your lot and the Protestants killed my lot during the Reformation. [I’ve been to Munster and Hamburg; I’ve seen the body cages and other torture implements.]

But, I digress. I was talking about Catholics and Muslim leaders being unified. You see, I can’t help but think the scene in “Of Gods and Men” was no mistake on the part of Roman Catholic movie producer Etienne Comar and director Xavier Beauvois, who “consulted with theologians” while creating the movie. You know the scene I’m referring to — the one where Brother Christian quotes the Qur’an and the Muslim Extremist finishes his sentence, and then is like, “We cool, bro…sorry ’bout dat.” Wasn’t that movie rather timely (2010) for everything that has been going on since then, not the least of which was your own sudden appointment as Bishop of Rome? Could that have anything to do with the fact Muslim leaders lauded your “election” as Pope by saying you “always showed [yourself] as a friend of the Islamic community”, and a person whose position is “pro-dialogue.” But then, again, I see you haven’t had much better influence with Islam than your predecessor experienced. I’m guessing ISIS doesn’t buy the whole “Brother Christian” thing in reality. So much for their being a “religion of peace;” I am kinda shocked Catholics would even try, … or in your case, try again. By the way, most people my age don’t buy the “meeting of leaders” thing like previous generations. We watch the followers, because like Jesus said of false prophets, “By their fruits you shall know them.”

Furthermore, your new merger with the Anglican Church is hugely confusing. Please tell me that you do not agree with Justin Welby that the “Abrahamic faiths [are] not necessarily enemies.” Because, if you believe that too, then I’d have to repeat: The New Testament and the Qur’an prove otherwise.

Yet, I see that unbridled unification (even political) is your MO. In addition to the Anglicans, you’ve acquired the Orthodox branches, major sectors mainline Protestantism and large constituents of evangelicalism — all with your agenda to “revive the ecumenical spirit.” But, recently you decided to work along side Buddhists?! Seriously? Buddhists?

On the political side of things, why does your stance on climate change (as found in your recent encyclical) come directly from the pagan, pantheistic “Gaia theology” of your adviser on science? I have my guess that you are in bed with the elitist globalist agenda of the UN (a.k.a New World Order, a.k.a. Revived Roman Empire), since the UN’s recent Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda was largely credited to your solemn charge to “be ambitious.” Then there’s your treaty with the Palestinian Authority, recognizing them as a state when doing so is to play with geopolitical nitroglycerin… and in the same stroke proclaiming the Vatican’s desire to take the Temple Mount from the Jews. That inciting act is hard to comprehend when you claim unity with Jews. Are you trying to start wars in the name of making peace? How does that work? By calling Mahmoud Abbas an Angel of Peace? There’s also your somehow administering the ‘peace’ between the Castros and the USA, which is almost as awkward as your saying you’d baptize aliens. And, now you’re addressing the US Congress. Why? Lastly, was it for “unity” in the political world that you change the morals on homosexuality, the family and divorce after only about 2,000 yrs. of Christian teachings which prove otherwise?

In closing, I want to say that I did enjoy your Musei Vaticani while I was in Rome this past August. But, I was astonished to find you have idols of many pagan gods there. Not the least of these idols is Artemis (a.k.a Diana)… in both her forms–the huntress and the moon goddess. I found her images there just after one passes through the room that (ironically enough) copies the Pantheon‘s structure. Now, if memory serves me properly, Diana (with her many breasts, her menagerie and CRESCENT MOON dress) was a rival god of the Apostle’s Christianity and of the Old Testament Hebrews. So, why would you want to keep that nasty old thing around?


Sam Kean

[updated 9/23/15 8:20am EST]



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