Psychedelics, Psychotropics and Spiritual Enlightenment

Psychedelic drugs are being evaluated for their medical benefit in treating mental disorders, reports NPR’s Diane Rehm. With about 1/4 of the U.S. population suffering from some form of mental illness, chances are either you or someone in your family has displayed signs of mental disorder. Shame drives both parents and individual sufferers from confronting the subject with a management and/or recovery plan. However, that shame cycle should not and must not continue. One should consult with physicians and find professionally qualified support. [The following is intended only for discussion purposes, not as professional prescription.]

Rather disturbingly, NPR ran another column on Psychedelics simultaneously with Diane Rehm’s journalism on the subject. In this second article, the focus was on “expanding consciousness.” A new book by Sam Harris, “Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality without Religion” took center stage in that NPR article for its promotion of meditation and veracious psychotropic experimentation to reach “enlightenment.”

Sam Harris’ theories are nothing new, nor scientific, nor innovative, nor safe. As NPR tells, “Harris is candid about the risks of ingesting psychedelics:”

“There is no getting around the role of luck here. If you are lucky, and you take the right drug, you will know what it is to be enlightened (or to be close enough to persuade you that enlightenment is possible). If you are unlucky, you will know what it is to be clinically insane.”

So, if the FDA were to write a warning label on Sam Harris’ game of Russian Roulette with mind-altering substances, it might read, “May very well cause the effects of clinical insanity and even death.” Not a good way to get “spirituality,” with or without religion. Is avoidance of the God who made all things really worth all that?

“Ah, come on!” says my critic. “Sorcery? …like real (black) magic? No one really does that. You have to be kidding me.” No, I’m not. In fact, when I tweeted about NPR’s article on Sam Harris’ book, in order to expose it by using the hashtag #sorcery, this is the response I got.

I openly and unashamedly denounce & bind up this kind of witchcraft of @P_Graycloak (Graycloak) and all kinds of 5th dimensional healing in the name of Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God. I release, in Jesus’ name, the souls which are caught in such perilous wickedness; and I call on my brothers and sisters in Christ to join me in this spiritual battle.

Whether treating genuine mental disorders or attempting to attain enlightenment, the Christian Bible has much to say about the use of drugs. The Bible labels the use of psychedelics for such purposes “sorcery,” because these drugs were used for “spiritual purposes” even in ancient times. One finds clear insights into drug use when one considers the culture into which Christianity was born and then compares that to biblical texts.

The ancient Greeks considered astronomic & geographic mathematics to be not only the evidence of discoverable and absolute truth, woven into the very fibers of the universe; but also, to be that which serves as the key to unlocking “the bridge” between the material world and the immaterial. In fact, the Greeks did not view astronomy as the isolated study of stars and constellations which are light years apart from our own planet, but rather, the discovery of measurements intrinsically analogous and directly proportionate to exact locations and distances on earth… where they strategically built temples for the purpose of communications with a “timeless” realm. They did this in order to communicate with their gods. According to historical record, the Greeks recorded that communication was accomplished by use of psychotropic drugs and natural gasses being released from fissures in the earth at those designated locations. [Please see The Book of the Ancient Greeks by Dorothy Mills] In fact, this kind of “portal theory” is not unique to just the Greeks, but is present in Norse mythology, Babylonian & Egyptian history and many other ancient cultures as well.

For these reasons, the God of the Hebrew Tanakh (and later, of the Christian New Testament) instructed the ancient Hebrew people to avoid learning and practicing the ways of the ancient civilizations contemporary to the establishment of their nation (c. B.C. 1400), including “sorcery” (or, the use of psychotropics to contact the spirit realm; Exodus 22:18, Lev. 19:31). Likewise, the Christian New Testament records accounts such as new believers in ancient Ephesus (Greece) who burned books and resources that promote “witchcraft,” etc. (Acts 17:11, 19:19) Moreover, a plethora of biblical passages deal with the subject, both Old Testament and New. (see Open Bible)

Psychedelics, Psychotropics, or any such drugs will “open a door” to the spiritual realm but one may not be able to shut it by his own power, once having opened that door. And, not every thing in the spiritual realm is good. For example, as I was visiting the Navajo reservation, near Standing Rock NM in 2006, I interviewed a young man (anonymous) who used a mind altering drug to commune with his god. His comment sticks with me even to this day,

When I smoke _____, before the fire at night, a door opens to me; and I feel forgiven and light. I see. But when I am done smoking and I wake up, I am heavy and feel that I cannot be forgiven.

Have nothing to do with “sorcery” (as it is biblically labeled) and its paraphernalia! Instead, below are some safe and reliable resources for mental health and true spiritual light.



From Physics to Metaphysics

Deeper Walk International

Jim Wilder and Joy Starts Here

Mental Health Grace Alliance



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