The Unwanted Effects of Sex (Crime) Amusement

If one cannot discern (by the above-linked articles within recent news) the dangers and unwanted effects of sex (crime) amusement,  then logic, cause & effect and reason have altogether died in the Western world. On one hand, we rightly condemn those who commit such crimes; and on the other, the legislative and judicial branches of our government seem either unable or unwilling to conclude that those who consume popular media and entertainment without virtuous discernment are liable to become the conditioned products of their “entertainment” diets. However, worst of all are the media and entertainment moguls & hacks who exploit the decency of humanity for monetary gain and at the expense of society’s degeneration.

As one who endured sexual abuse as a child within the church setting & who struggled to break free from the vicious cycle of addiction as a result, I encourage you (whoever you are) to please see the below resources links.


RESOURCES (which have been helpful to me):

Celebrate Recovery

Deeper Walk International

Freedom that Lasts and – Winning Life’s Battles Through Jesus Christ

Hebron Addiction Recovery Program for Men – Wheeler Mission Ministries: Help. Hope. Healing.

Joy Starts HereLIFE Model and Jim Wilder – Christian Neuroscience

Mental Health Grace Alliance

Reformers Unanimous – Recovery Ministries

Thriving Recovery

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