The Truths that are Setting Me Free

About a week ago, I began to post this testimonial article, and I soon realized that it would need to be presented clearly. A list (with links to resources) would serve my audience better. Coincidently, I removed the original post in order to better organize my testimony in print. Then I noticed the “pulled” post had received (in seconds) more “hits” on social and professional networks than any other that has remained posted to this day. I suppose there is nothing more intriguing than one’s own story–especially of how Truth is freeing someone. Either that, or people just want “the juice.” I’m choosing to believe it is the former rather than the latter. So, here are the truths that are setting me free:

  1. Context is King – especially biblical canonical context (a passage’s context in regards to the Bible as a whole)
  2. Jesus is Different Than I Thought but Better Than I Imagined.
  3. Spiritual Restoration and Spiritual Health can only happen in the setting of a group of gracious believers.
  4. Restoration to/from what?
  5. God (the Redeemer) is Bigger than People // Jesus Holds All the Keys (authority) and Opens & Shuts All Doors [On Purpose] — See Revelation Intro & Chapter 1 by Woody Cumbie.
  6.  The True Church is Not Measurable
    • Essentials vs. Peripherals – against non-biblical ecumenism & against denominational, theological and sectarian pride
    • Because the Church is not an institution or denomination but is the universal family of God (Eph. 3:14-4:6).
    • Because Only God knows who belong to the true (believing) universal Church (2 Tim. 2:19)
      • They’re in every denomination and walk of life, despite that denomination or sect’s theology, heresy or apostasy. (Jude)
      • This is a testament to the power of the Gospel and the Word of God, not to denominational or sectarian teachings.
  7. True Leadership is Servant Leadership — the edifying of others, esteeming them as worthy of more honor than yourself, equipping them for their calling and gifting.
  8. Spiritual Warfare is real, and one hasto be rooted and grounded in a walk of grace-based love with God, before one can “run” in grace, and before one can fight in the good (spiritual) fight. [Grounded –> Walk –> Run –> Fight]

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