Making Sense Out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe & Yours

Transhumanism, Super Soldiers, Nanotechnology, Singularity, the Jasons, Space-Time Relativity, DNA Manipulation and Hybridization, the Nephilim—all of these are terms that belong to our own world, though they sound like characters and themes from comic books.

For decades, science fiction and comic books have fueled the imaginations of wonderfully nerdy grown-ups, perhaps more so than children. But, evidently, the relationship between sci-fi/comics writers and their adult audience goes two ways… and is only for those who ‘have eyes to see.’

What if I told you that the world of comics is its own political and scientific platform. For example: Mark Miller, writer of Marvel’s Civil War states, “The political allegory is only for those that are politically aware. Kids are going to read it and just see a big superhero fight.” Moreover, Live Science shares that serious science has a strong influence on DC Comics and Marvel Comics in a genre known as “realistic fiction.” Comic books and movies are huge venues of enculturation for the scientific community and political agendas. Mum is not the word in these matters, yet kids (and those who see without seeing) just don’t get all of the hints, overtones and themes.

Understanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

If you thought that mid-credits teaser about “X-Men: Apocalypse” and the Four Horsemen was telling, then you’ll be very intrigued to know that X-Men (owned by 21st C. Fox) has a cross-over with the Avengers (owned by Marvel Studios) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Back in the day, Marvel was struggling and sold its characters to companies like Fox and Sony. Here’s how they’re owned today.

As you can see, Marvel’s Avengers cross over with X-Men Mutants in the characters of Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver. Rights of law state if Marvel uses these two, then Marvel can’t call them “mutants.” That is important to remember (further down).

BUT before looking at Marvel’s next moves, it’s back to Fox. “X-Men: Apocalypse” is being renamed “X-Men: Akkaba” according to Venture Post, 3 days ago. Could that be Aqaba, Jordan? Ummm, No. It refers to Clan Akkaba, the fictitious place and people of Apocalypse’s birth–which was a mutation in human genes, directly coinciding with the arrival of an alien Pharaoh in Egypt.

[Dramatic Pause]

Ok, ok… Moving on.

What about the Amazing Spider Man? DNA manipulation and hybridization, right? Right.

Remember Captain America: Winter Soldier? Remember the mid-credit teaser? If not, here are some insights from Den of Geeks into what Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will be doing next: [brackets and links mine]

…HYDRA [the “agency” that propelled Nazi Germany] has now been reintroduced and will likely be a background baddie…, tormenting and testing the Avengers from afar through its evil schemes, which HYDRA is calling, “The Age of Miracles” [not “mutants”].

Using Loki’s [mind-controlling] scepter [which is powered by the same tesseract (inter-dimensional) “energy”/witchcraft as featured as the All-Spark in the Transformers movies*], HYDRA has managed to give ordinary people incredible powers; and by throwing Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch into the mix in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Marvel Studios will move forward with its own experiment of introducing many more superpowers…

…, we can expect the MCU to be a very different place from Age Of Ultron onwards, with super-powered people running around, … and a shady bunch of Nazi scientists [using computer transcendence/singularity and “miracle-working” Asgardian^ witchcraft while] attempting world domination….

Read more from Den of Geeks here

These things understood for the near future, the declared aim of Marvel movies (until 2018) is to introduce and popularize an otherwise obscure element in the comics world–Inhumans–which are genetically manipulated humans, altered by aliens who once visited the earth in millennia past… and will presumably visit again.


*It is duly noted that Transformers movies are produced by Hasbro and distributed by DreamWorks.

^Norse Mythology and many other historical mythologies (ex. Egyptian and Greek) are well known to be fuel for the engine of the comics world.



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