“REMEMBER” | The Bible’s Most Powerful Prayer

Trace, today, the run of a mighty thread through the Biblical tapestry. It is a small but sure thread and one often overlooked. It is merely one word. Yet, it is a strong cord, a golden line meant by our God to pull confidence into your prayers.  Notice “Remember.”

We find “remember” first used in Genesis 8:1, where God has rightly spent 150 days in the full throes of judgment upon the earth and every living creature. So full is His wrath that the scene is death without hope.  “All in whose nostrils was the breath of life, …died. And, the waters prevailed upon the earth….” Then, a shining statement comes, seemingly to pull God out of His righteous indignation, to which He has been so fully given.  “God remembered Noah….” Just as fully as God had given Himself to destroying, He now gives all His Divine attention to one man and his family, because through them the Mighty Maker could begin again to bless the human race.

Not only here, but all over the Bible we see “remember” for our learning. God remembered Rachel and Hannah, and each brought forth a man to guide a nation. When God remembered Abraham, His friend and intercessor, Lot was spared. God remembered His covenant with the Patriarchs and delivered Israel out of their hard bondage in Egypt. Even Sampson cried out in broken desperation unto the Lord, “Remember me,” and his end was greater than all his life.  Hezekiah, deathly sick, asked the same, and he was given fifteen more years.

There is yet more. Nehemiah, greatly taxed and misunderstood, prayed repeatedly that God would think on him for good, and he and all his God-ordained work of restoring a fallen nation were blessed.  Job asked for safety and comfort and an appointed end to his suffering, and he equated all this to, “Remember me!”  King David teaches us in Psalm 27:5 that God forgets our sins when He remembers us for His goodness’ sake. Habakkuk spoke of revival and said, “…in wrath, remember mercy.” In Luke 1:54, 72, Christ’s birth is declared as God’s remembering His mercy and His covenant, “and He is the Savior of all men, especially of them that believe.”  Then, there is the thief, dying on the cross beside Jesus, who simply said, “Remember me…”  And, our Lord replied, “Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.”

When God “remembers,” world-wide judgment is curbed, individuals and nations are delivered, heroes are born of them that were barren, the sick are made whole, God comes to dwell among men, and the vilest of sinners are welcomed to God. In a darkening globe destined for judgment or in the midst of fiery trial or amid the deadness of God’s people, may some cry aloud, “Remember me!  Remember us!”  And, God has proven that He will turn Himself upon His mercies to hear our crying.

But, remembering goes two ways. If God remembers you, are you ready to remember Him and all his goodness?

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