Clarification on the Names and Concepts of Differing Theologies

Lately, I have written much about differing theologies, and I have used their names freely–without much thought of explaining them first. Particularly, I have used titles such as Covenant Theology, Reformed Theology, Dispensational Theology. These are not commonly talked about. So, not everyone realizes what they are and why they are different. Yet, they cannot be dismissed or ignored, because they are the systems of thought that drive the ideals of denominations, clergy, & seminaries. In other words, the reasons why Christian leaders do what they do is due to their conceptions of how to interpret the Bible. Don’t let anyone tell you that theology is unimportant, because ideas are important. Philosophies (even ones that attempt to be biblically based) drive everything that anyone ever does, writes, thinks or says.

The below links, especially the article by Dr. Tony Garland, is perhaps the most accurate and succinct explanation of these theologies.

Covenant, Reformed, and Dispensational Theology – What Do They Mean? by Dr. Tony Garland via Bible Prophecy Blog

Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism by Bruce Ware via — this article is especially helpful, seeing it leads into other lessons on Liberalism, Neo-Orthodoxy and Evangelicalism at the page’s bottom.

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