It’s an Anti-Semitism Thing

New anti-semitism is fully grown and sweeping the world. Hatred for Jews can be found across nearly all of Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and the USA.

But, one should not be fooled. The anti-semitism is not purely Islamic. There are 2 fronts to hatred of Jews — extremist Christianity and extremist Islam.

From Extremist Christianity: 

There are many strains of extremist Christianity which hold anti-semitism. There is the classic, German Liberal Protestant Nazi theology of Adolf Hitler (which men like Bonhoeffer resisted). Then, there is the Roman Catholic view of Supercesssion or Covenant Replacement Theology. Or, there’s British Israelism and Christian Identity, which still find homes in the UK and America. Even though these groups may be extreme, their proponents can be found in the most “traditional” Christian sects.

From Islam:

Ever since Muhammad was rejected by Jews for his radical beliefs and praying toward Mecca while in Medina, the religion of Muhammad (Islam) has been hostile to the Jews. In fact, commands to kill Jews are written into the Qur’an.



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