Modesty: Not Just a Clothes Thing

Modesty is not just a clothes thing. It is a value long forgotten by my generation and sales-driven, success-crazed world culture. A simple glance at a ready resource like Wikipedia will show one that modesty is classified under the virtue of temperance.

Temperance is the espousal of moderation, marked by personal restraint. It has been studied by religious thinkers, philosophers, and more recently, psychologists, particularly in the positive psychology movement. Upheld as a virtue throughout time and across cultures, it was one of the cardinal virtues in Greek philosophy, being believed that no virtue could be sustained in the face of inability to control oneself, if the virtue was opposed to some desire, and was subsequently incorporated in the Catholic catechism‘s Seven heavenly virtues. It is also one of the six main categories of the VIA character strengths. Temperance is generally defined by control over excess, so that it has many such classes, such as abstinencechastitymodestyhumilityprudenceself-regulationforgiveness and mercy; each of these involves restraining some impulse, such as sexual desirevanity, or anger.

The Answer to Objectification and Abuse of Women

Academia Report – The Swimsuit Becomes You

US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health

National Geographic – “Bikinis Make Men See Women As Objects, Scan Confirms”

CNN – “Men See Women as Bikini-Clad Objects, Psychologists Say”

Yale – “More Than a Body: Mind Perception and the Nature of Objectification”

This is all good, but women desire to be desired, and men desire to desire women. The only answer is to value the right kind of desire–one that values the whole person as a person–(a.k.a. Agape Love).

Men must consider objectification as an inhumane treatment of women. Harassment is NEVER right, no matter if it is intended to flatter.

Women must refuse to comply with levels of undress, actions and mentalities that lead men and other aggressors (individuals, companies, industries) to wrongly desire and objectify them–even if it means pay cuts or passing up modeling jobs, photoshoots, certain roles in movies, etc. Women cannot have their cake and not eat it too.

Note the double standard of feminism and dramatized sexuality as embodied by Emma Watson, among her other argumentative impurities noted by the Stanford Daily.

The Answer to Narcissism and the Need to Seduce

Seduction is the most animalistic form of persuasion, exuded by those who have incomplete or weak self concepts or identity. No matter how this talk presents or redefines “seduction,” the only true and noble means of persuasion are pathos, ethos, and logos.

Narcissism has a main stream foothold in sports.

Ray Rice — An Epic Narcissist by Time

US National Library of MedicineNational Institutes of Health

Bleacher Reports’ 20 Biggest Narcissists in World Football History



Joy Starts Here

The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations

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