Needless Casualties of War by John Paul Jackson

This title, Needless Casualties of War, explained to me why God has allowed my life to sustain so much misery for so many years as an intercessor. In 2004/2005, I knew and accepted that God had called me to be an intercessor. I was trained under teachings that led me to believe engaging in “second heaven” realm warfare is what a Christian should do, because “as believers, we are enthroned with Him who is above all principalities and powers.”

Since 2005, and as a result of following that one single half-truth, I have endured inexplicable (and many times cruel) trials and calamity, “misfortune” and disheartening sickness. Many of these things were collectively a great source of disconcerting doubts in my Christian walk. I sometimes felt walking with God in intercession was not worth the suffering. Little did I know much of it was needless and my own fault. Sometimes I even felt God was uncaring, not protective; and I faltered in my faith to say the least.

Only now–as a result of friends putting me on to Needless Casualties of War–do I realize how “out of my authority” I have been when directly confronting heavenly hosts of entire cities, districts, counties, states and even countries. Jesus never did this. Instead, He healed, cleansed and delivered those who were right in front of Him. Moreover, I finally see that engaging in such “over-the-line” intercession rather works to the opposite affect than is desired, allowing the enemy of our souls avenues of malevolent influence in our own lives, our families and in our churches.

May this title by John Paul Jackson be as helpful and freeing to you as it has been to me… and many others!

Click the image below for a free copy via a Scribd free trial.




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