The Revived Roman Empire is Upon Us

Nearly everyone in the developed world has heard of the United Nations and also the European Union along with its executive body (judges & cabinet government, Council and Parliament), the European Commission. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been shocked to find recently that the EU is alive and active in the United States via The Delegation of EU to the US with its many ambassadors, centers, and depository libraries.

But, I venture to say that few Americans have heard of the UfM — the Union for the Mediterranean, also known as the Mediterranean Union. Nor, I assume, would many Americans have heard of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) … much less the ENP.

News of the EU in the US and of the UM, EaP & ENP should register with those whose study of Bible prophecy results in a dispensational, pre-millennial view of “end times.” Allow me to clarify my meaning with first presenting some interconnected facts about these entities… and then by drawing attention to said Bible prophecy.

The EU (in one form or another) has been around much longer than appearances lead. 

  • To be completely accurate, the Treaty of Rome (1958) and the Treaty of Maastricht (1993) are the “official” documents for the EU’s formation. However, the WEU (Western European Union) has been around only 3 years less than the UN. The UN was created in 1945, establishing the dollar as oil currency in the Middle East and doing a lot more than making sure the border agreements at the end of WWII were kept. But, in 1948, the Brussels Treaty brought together the first semblances of what is now known as the EU. When did the Western European Union become properly and fully known as the EU (alongside its parallel and partnering movements)?  2011 [Please remember 2011…. it was a productive year]

The Euromediterranean Summit of 2005 saw attendance by the EU and 10 south Mediterranean countries: AlgeriaPalestinian AuthorityEgyptIsraelJordanLebanonMoroccoSyriaTunisia, and Turkey

  • The European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Secretary General of the Council of the EU also attended the summit in 2005.
  • The precursor to this summit was the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership or Barcelona Process–a process to foster cultural and economic unity in the Mediterranean region–which convened on the 900th anniversary of the First Crusade to discuss the disagreements which led to the Crusades.

Formation of the UfM — The UfM was formed by the EU in July of 2008 — fairly coincidental to a certain collapse of economy that same year. Furthermore, the formation of the UfM was plan “B.” What was Plan “A”? Well, the institution of an autonomous Mediterranean Union was plan “A,” which presumably would have included every nation of Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa which center themselves around the Mediterranean Sea. The formation of the UfM was held in Paris, France.

The EU Created the EaP

The Eastern Partnership was inaugurated by the European Union in Prague on 7 May 2009, again, only 1 year after the formation of the UfM. The EaP is directEd by the European Commission.[6] The EaP includes the Ukraine. [This knowledge might put Vladimir Putin’s scolding of the EU for sanctions on Israel a little more contextualized, not to mention Russia’s continued fight to retain/acquire the Ukraine.]

The EU Created the ENP

On 25 May 2011, the EU’s “European Commission launched what it described as a new and ambitious European Neighbourhood Policy,” But, the policy for the ENP was created in 2003.

The countries covered include AlgeriaMoroccoEgyptIsraelJordanLebanonLibyathe Palestinian AuthoritySyriaTunisia in the South and ArmeniaAzerbaijan and BelarusGeorgiaMoldovaUkraine in the East. Russia has a special status with the EU-Russia Common Spaces instead of ENP participation.

These southern Mediterranean countries are the same approached and acquired at the The Euromediterranean Summit of 2005.

Syria self abdicated from the UfM alliance in June 2011.

EU/UN “Permanent Observer Status”

  • The EU and UN are interconnected by what is known as permanent “observer status.” That is, the EU does not have voting rights at UN meetings, but the EU is “represented” at UN councils, and since 2011 has enjoyed “enhanced participation rights.” While other observer groups are not allowed to address the UN, the EU can and does address the UN. Translation: the EU knows everything the UN is doing or planning on doing, and even though it cannot vote, it has direct influence on votes and is able to “participate” as such.

Therefore, the Vatican is a State, Palestine is a State and the EU is a State, according to the UN.

EU and UfM Governance and Money 

The EU and the UfM are interconnected via

The EU and the UfM are furthermore interconnected in matters of European Law by the EC’s Acquis also known as acquis communautaire… and such acquisition is not beyond “earmarking” — a.k.a. “buyout.” For example:

The Bible Prophecy Connection

It is clear that for the past 13 years, the EU seeks for and is using EC’s Acquis to obtain/retain AlgeriaMoroccoEgyptIsraelJordanLebanonLibyathe Palestinian AuthoritySyriaTunisia for the UfM. That’s 10 nations. But, Libya and Syria are out as of 2011.

If or when Lybia and Syria are “acquired” by the UfM [and EU/EaP by proxy], then all of the Mediterranean nations, European nations, African nations and Baltic nations which are required to make up the “Revived Roman Empire” (in land expanse and democratic republic empire) will be complete. In more precise thinking, the 10 have already been made complete, 2 have been taken away. When a third is taken away, it is to make room for “the little horn” of Daniel’s and Revelation’s prophecies.

Furthermore, if or when the Palestinian Authority is made into an official Palestinian State (presumably by consent of Israel, by the authority of the UfM [and the EU/EaP by proxy, precedented by the UN’s nod to their statehood], then 4 facts will be true:

  1. The European, southern Mediterranean and Near Middle East nations will be 10 official kingdoms in total (if one counts the EU/EaP as 1). These kingdoms would be AlgeriaMoroccoEgyptIsraelJordanLebanonLibya, the EU, SyriaTunisia. There is a good case for considering anything that is “EU/EaP” as 1 kingdom:
    1. The Americas (North and South) will be constituted under the EU, as witnessed by the EU Delegation to the US and the North American Union / Pan-Americanism
    2. South America is already in union as the Union of South America and will be assimilated into the EU as relation talks slated for June 2015 continue.
  2. The Palestinian State will thus be 1 little kingdom arising out of the 10, and the 10 will have existed for the birth of the little one. (Dan. 2, 7; Rev. 17, 19)
  3. There will be a need for mediation of peace between Israel and Palestine, and thus a need for a mediator and a peace treaty… a Palestinian?… most certainly the Man of Lawlessness with an Israeli false prophet by his side. (Dan. 9:27; Rev. 13)
  4. Russia will not be part of the UfM/EU unification, and so, would be poised to be an enemy of Israel from the northernmost parts. (Ezekiel 38; Please see: The Future Russian/Islamic Invasion of Israel)


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    1. Hi Carl,

      Perhaps you read the entire article, but it appears to me you did not catch the major portions about the Union for the Mediterranean. That entity more than effectively accounts for North Africa and the Middle East.


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