PA joins ICC — No Fooling

According to many news agencies, the Palestinian Authority has joined the International Criminal Court today. This deal has been in the works since late last year.

The Palestinian Authority’s joining the ICC (of which Israel is not) is a move to further bolster the PA’s claim to statehood, while shaming Israel. Not only that, the accession shows that big moves toward “peace” and “democracy” are being made by the Islamic world (as represented by the PA) …. In this case, it is a move which before has been unthinkable, because it means Islamists will be under a rule of law other than Islamic law. The accession (at the least) whispers strategic infiltration of representation for Islamic law into an international governing body. At most, it is a sign that Islamic leaders are taking their cues from a power which they see trumps their previous set of principles in operations of Islamic governments—quite possibly The 12th Imam not yet publicly revealed.

How does one reconcile this ICC development with the atrocities from groups like ISIS and Hamas? Don’t the crimes of these groups make the PA accountable under ICC law? The brutality of these extremist groups are Islamic, but remember the Arab Spring shows that there are 2 faces to contemporary Islam–the “violent” and the “diplomatic, democratic.” If you want to know what’s really going on, research where the two faces meet (i.e. Hashemite King of Jordan). Find out which leaders talk to or for both sides. The violent is the tool of the diplomatic, so that all will desire the democratic in places like Libya and Syria; and as I have written before, Libya and Syria are strongly desired by the UfM.

As a last note, one should consider that the meetings in Lausanne concerning Iran have been extended to today, when news of PA’s accession has been announced. Is this just a coincidence? 



Reuters 4/12/15

An ancient imam at the center of Iran nuclear deal

NOW 4/30/15

Is this the beginning of the End for Assad?



The EU, UN and… the UfM & EaP?

Palestinians prepared to trigger case as they join ICC via Yahoo News


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