The Last Empire to Rule Jerusalem – Part 4

168The biblical Prophet Daniel foresaw every world empire that has occupied Jerusalem, from the Babylonian times to Roman. He described it in the form of a statue (Daniel 2). The metals of the statue represent each of the empires and get increasingly stronger but decreasingly valuable from head to legs. Gold–Babylon–though precious, does not require much technique for mining or refining. Silver–Medo-Persia–requires a little more. Brass–Greece–is mixing of metals, indicating the advancement in technique of metallurgy; and finally, iron (esp. steel)–Rome–requires the most technology in refinement of the metals mentioned and is strongest. This fits with Daniel’s prophecy that science will increase (Daniel 12:4) as time goes on. Also note, the two arms folded across the statue’s chest represent the two factions of the Medes and Persians united–or Medo-Persia. Likewise, the legs of the statue–Roman Empire–was split between East and West, beginning in 285 A.D. and made permanent in 393 A.D.

Daniel also foresaw another world empire, a new one unlike any the world has seen to-date. That empire, also by prophecy, will only come into being at or after the time Jews are drawn back into their ancient homeland (Isaiah 11:11-12; Isaiah 66:7-8 & Ezekiel 37:21-22),… which (as of 1948) has already happened.

The new empire is often called the Revived Roman Empire, because the Apostle John (writing in 95/96 A.D. during the Roman Empire) concurs with Daniel by saying the Last Empire will come out of the Sea, as in Rome’s Mare Nostrum, a.k.a. the Mediterranean (Revelation 13).

Daniel 2:42-43

42 And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. 43 And whereas you saw iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cling one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

These verses describe 2 aspects of the Last Empire to rule Jerusalem — the Governmental and the Genomic Aspects.

The Governmental Aspect of the Last Empire

As the feet of Daniel’s statue are reached, there is strength mixed with weakness (iron mixed with potter’s grade clay). If the analogy is soundly kept, then the last world empire which will also control Jerusalem shall be a mixture of the strong (old East/West Roman empire), along with some other weak constituency that renders the empire “partly broken.” Also important to note, the new world empire will be made of 2 sides. Just as Rome had its East & West factions, the new world empire will have two governing factions. 

It is true that all of the western european kingdoms of the feudal age were Romish, some being strong and some weak. However, as we have noticed from Parts 2 & 3 of this series, NONE of the Romish western european kingdoms ruled over Jerusalem as a unified empire. Feudal eastern and western Europe (even as The Crusader States) were never completely united as an empire that spanned to Jerusalem, let alone all the way around the Mediterranean, as did the Roman Empire. Nor, it is clear, were they unified with the Islamic Caliphates. Moreover, no such empire ever ruled during a the fulfillment of a prophetic regathering of Jews to Jerusalem (Isaiah 11:11-12; Isaiah 66:7-8 & Ezekiel 37:21-22). Finally, Daniel’s statue announces 10 toes–kings–reigning in the Last Empire. The kingdoms of feudal western and eastern Europe do not meet this 10 king quota without unwarranted stretches of imagination. Given these facts, it is erroneous to claim that the kingdoms of Romish feudal Europe could have been the last, mixed world empire.

Therefore, the Last Empire is yet to come; though it is very near, seeing the Jews have been recalled to Israel to Jerusalem (in unbelief), according to prophecy.

The Genomic Aspect of the Last Empire

In verse 43, one notices that Daniel uses “and whereas” to introduce a shift in aspect for describing the Last Empire. Daniel makes the transition from governmental characteristics (v 42) to genomic characteristics (v 43). Notice verse 42 mentions a singular “kingdom;” but in parallel asymmetry, verse 43 mentions half of the constituents of the mixed kingdom, referring to them as “they.” While some translations render verse 43 as a description of the “intermarriage” of kingdoms for alliance purposes, the majority of conservative translations reflect Daniel is communicating something more surprisingly explicit, like a genomic mixture of human seed/descendants/offspring (lit. sperm) with some other non-human genome. The mysterious clay genome doesn’t mix well with the human genome. The two don’t adhere to each other. This is different than racism; it is inter-species divergence.

Therefore, the Last Empire to rule Jerusalem is yet to come; though it is very near, seeing strange genomic manipulation has been exercised since the 1930s with projects like the German Third Reich’s Lebensborn and more recently with widespread genetic engineering. Furthermore, transhumanistic movements have been fully formed and developmentally active for decades.

The Revived Roman Empire is Upon Us

The reader will discover in my previous article on the EU and UfM that these are (together) the “mother government” for the Last Empire, fulfilling all the land and diplomatic requirements of prophecy:

  • 2 Factions (Feet) — EU and UfM
  • The Empire is partly of Old Rome (Steel)
  • The 2 Faction Empire Surrounds the Mediterranean Sea, the territory of old Rome — Beast out of the Sea
  • 10 Kings — AlgeriaMoroccoEgyptIsraelJordanLebanonLibyathe Palestinian AuthoritySyriaTunisia
  • 2 of the 10 (Lybia and Syria) have already been removed, a 3rd  (Jordan w/ PA) is pending — These are known as weak nations (along with the Portugal, Italy, Greece, Great Britain, Spain), the clay of the EU/UfM union that do not stick.
  • Genetic Modification Technology by the EU and Transhumanism are well documented — the genomic clay that does not mix with iron.

All that remains is the annunciation of a Palestinian State by the EU and UfM, under a leader who can bring a peace treaty between Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews (Daniel 9:27). Lybia and Syria have been uprooted as 2/3 of the prophetic Horns removed from the original UfM 10 Horns, presumably to make room for the Palestinian State (a.k.a. Little Horn of Dan. 7:8, 20; Beast of Rev. 13). If the king of Jordan were to give up his UfM kingdom in exchange for Iraq (which has precedence under the Hashemite Dynasty or Banu Hashim — both Israelite and Ishmaelite) and in order to expand Israeli borders and/or to create a Palestinian State in Jerusalem, then 3/3 horns will have been uprooted to make room for the Little Horn. And, the man who can do that will be credited as a savior of world peace. Again, this is not impossible, because:

1. The King of Jordan has fought against IS, the same jihadist Islam that has overtaken Syria and Libya.

2. In 2005, King Abdulla II offered to set up a constitutional monarchy in Iraq, being Hashemite



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    1. The Rock is Yeshua Nazaret, ha’Mashiach, and the mountain is His everlasting Kingdom as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Blessings of mercy and peace and love in ha’Shem.


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