An Exposé of Tomorrowland in Synopsis Bits

Tomorrowland (2015) – IMDb was released May 22, product of Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof under the auspices of Disney. The official Trailers are here. Also see the wikipedia article.

There are, besides the movie, many venues to Tomorrowland — for examples, the section of Disney by the same name, or the Tomorrowland international rave party aimed at those who are a good bit older, and it is nothing short of New Age and Pagan/Occult indoctrination.

Below, I provide a review of Disney’s indoctrination through the Tomorrowland movie in synopsis bits:

  • Disney logo opens up with an in-motion atom, spinning electrons which form a hexagram or Magen David—which is used in occult symbology. These are everywhere scattered throughout the film, whether hexagonal representation for the whole or the total symbol.
  • Opening Scenes = Recruiting of the “Special” by the “Specials” (Casey Newton and Frank Walker)
  • Tomorrowland is filled with loop-a-loop structures, making repeat “6” everywhere in scenery
  • Optimist/Pessimist Wolf Analogy Introduced = probable referent to occult “wolf star,” seeing Casey points out all of the most important occult stars, beginning with Sirius, the dog/wolf star
  • School, NASA & Jail Scenes = Only the Deviant are Smart and Optimistic (Casey Newton)
    • Casey watches “6” News
    • Field scene: Casey wears a John Lennon shirt, evoking “Imagine”
  • Athena (reminiscent of the Greco-Roman goddess of wisdom and war) has the mission of choosing of those able to “fix” the Tomorrowland effort. Also Implied: Tomorrowland replaces and goes beyond NASA
  • The Deviant are Chosen for fixing and forwarding the Tomorrowland effort (Athena chooses Casey).
  • Casey retakes the pin her dad took away from her. She discovers it in a drawer of his night stand, which also contains… an (all-seeing) eye?! What? [obvious and overdone allusion to Illuminati]
  • The Chosen for Tomorrowland get “Pinions” that are correlated to their DNA (scanner for Casey’s hair), inviting them (mental broadcasts, visions, partial dimensional warp) to Tomorrowland
    • These are Chosen for their “Knowledge of How Things Work”
    • These are Chosen for their electronics prowess, artistic nature, being smart (presumably above others, elitist)
    • These are Chosen because they believe they are masters of their own destiny
    • These are those who have not “given up” on the planet by resigning themselves to doom and want to “fix” the world and humanity
  • Casey meets a hologram dog — advanced tech. which made its debut in the real world late last year.
  • Casey views the curved diamond on Frank’s stoop, a symbol used at CERN and connected to the Indian god, Shiva–the destroyer.
  • Casey is thrown back from the stoop, revealing her occult pentagram belt buckle.
  • The impending doom which must be avoided is destruction of the world at a certain point in time — call it biblically prophetic, though the fault of humanity is always implied.
  • There is a dimensional/spiritual vortex in Frank’s house, used to incapacitate the robot agent.
  • Frank’s weather radar, tracking tornados, creates 3 spirals indicating 666.
  • The clock reads 59 09 05 46 & 44, indicating (by occult condensing) 28th of August to 28th of October… the half-point of both is September 28, which is Sukkoth/The Feast of Tabernacles in 2015.
  • “9 23 11” (another occult number) indicating chaos on September 23 and counting down is consistently shown in the Tomorrowland doomsday clock. September 23 is the Day of Atonement in 2015.
  • Athena lies and deceives “innocently.” It is later said (about Athena) that “they” never stop lying.
  • If help is to come to earth and humanity, it will come from an alternate dimension, supposedly free from destructive vices. Thomas Edison, Gustave Eiffel, Jules Verne and Nikola Tesla had contact with said dimension long ago and connected to it. (Eiffel Tower)
    • Tomorrowland is a parallel dimension of our own world (re-entry scene)
    • Yet, it is discovered (near the end) that the very despair that keeps people believing in a dooms day comes from Tomorrowland’s future-predicting machine that Frank Walker created. This machine runs on the theoretical “time-bending” tachyon of particle physics and shows a world-wide cataclysm. In order to “fix” the machine, Casey echoes the “Feeding the Wolf” analogy.
  • The villain opposite Frank (Clooney) in the film goes on a preachy tirade about presenting a message of doom to warn humanity, and all humanity does is continue in money-making, pleasure and resignation to a terminable end, instead of changing things now. Is this Bird and Lindelof’s idea of the Christian God warning of apocalypse and the non-response of apathetic humanity? And if so, is this to be overthrown by illuminati “can-doers?” Instead of repentance toward a good God and Redeemer, who warns of destruction, is humanity to invent a way to trick the “system?” Is that trickery brought about by invention and help from beings of another dimension?  In the words of Athena, “Obviously.”
  • Connections to the Tomorrowland dimension and ours are called portals, bridges, or doors. (multiple scenes)
  • Frank Walker/Athena love is either masked human/synthetic humanoid love or pedophilia or both, but is clearly meant to push the bounds of “conventional” thought.
  • Synthetic Robots in the form of children from the Tomorrowland dimension recruit candidates for Tomorrowland
    • Ex. Athena
    • Ex. Children at the end of the movie
  • In ending scenes, Frank states, “A year ago, we shouldn’t have even been here.”
  • Close = recruiting of the special by the specials



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