Are You a Disciple of Jesus Christ?

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Strict Definition of Disciple (in general): a learner who (because of a loyal relationship of mutual commitment) follows the teachings and ways of a master.

Illustrations: Art Apprentice during Renaissance, Martial Artists of the Far East

A Disciple of Jesus Christ follows his Master philosophically, practically and in physical action:

  1. Follows Jesus Philosophically — the way the master thinks about all of life, worldview (beliefs, attitudes) and resultant purpose/goals.
    1. Jesus claims that God’s Word — the Holy Scriptures — are (absolute) Truth in every part and whole, because they are breathed out by God Himself. (John 17:17; Matthew 5:18; 2 Tim. 3:16-17; 1 Peter 1:23; 2 Peter 1:21)
    2. Jesus claims His Father in Heaven, along with Himself and the Holy Spirit are to receive the same glory and the same worship. They together are to be glorified and worshiped as the one-and-only true, eternal God, above all other gods, because these Three are One — not just in mind and purpose but in very nature. (Matt. 3:13-17, 4:1; Mark 1:12, John 1, John 10:30, 14:16, 16:8, 17:1-3; see also Yes, the Trinity)
    3. Jesus claims that He existed along with the Father and the Holy Spirit before the world came into being, and that, the Godhead made the world & humanity out of nothing in 6 days. (John 1, 8:48-59; Col. 1:16-17, Rom. 1:20; see also Did Jesus say He Created in 6 Literal Days? by Answers in Genesis)
    4. Jesus claims He is fully God and yet also fully human (without trace of evil) because of a miraculous birth planned by the Father and made possible by the Holy Spirit’s power. (see Jesus DID Claim to be God)
    5. Jesus claims Satan (along with his fallen angels and demons) is a real being who has come to rob, kill and destroy the world and humanity in a great cosmic rebellion against God. (John 10:10; Matt. 25:41; John 8:44; 2 Cor. 4:4)
    6. Jesus teaches all humans are naturally evil in heart (nature) due to sin — obedience to Satan. This is a state of rebellion in allegiance to Satan. It is a great offense to God, because it puts the individual human in the place of God. (Matt. 15:18-19; John 3:3-7, 16-17, John 8:44)
    7. Jesus therefore claims the penalty for having an evil, sinful nature (regardless of good deeds done) is eternal death served in a judgement to Hell. (Matt. 25: 31-46)
    8. YET, Jesus claims he died on the cross in order to defeat Satan, satisfy God’s wrath on human sin & provide redemption for you from your sin nature & offenses against God. (Luke 9:22, 17:25, 23:34; Mark 8:31; John 12:27-32)
    9. Jesus claims to have been dead and buried for 3 days and to have descended to Hell during that time. He did this for you, taking your place as a substitute. (Matt. 27:13; Luke 18:33)
    10. Jesus claims He was raised from death and hell on the 3rd day after burial in order to provide those who believe with a clear name before God’s justice, as well as newness of life — His life and nature. (Matt. 26:32, 27:13, 28:7; Mark 14:28; Luke 18:33)
    11. Jesus claims to be the ONLY Way, Truth and Life by which one can come to be reconciled to God the Father, and that, the invitation to be reconciled comes from the Holy Spirit. (John 6:44, 14:6)
    12. Jesus labeled the invitation a “draw” or “call” and it feels like you are being convinced that God is right about:
      1. Your sinfulness is certain and undeniable
      2. Judgement on sinfulness is certain and undeniable; BUT
      3. Jesus, the only Source of being made right with God, is being offered to you freely. (John 16:8)
    13. Jesus requires:
      1. REPENTANCE TOWARD GOD: that you change your mind about yourself by admitting to God you are sinful through-and-through, incapable of redeeming yourself by any means. Agree that your sinful nature is the result of rebellion which deserves Hell. Admit that instead of you being master of your own life, God is the rightful King of you and this world—his subject and realm. (Matthew 3:2, 4:17, Mark 1:15)
      2. FAITH PLACED IN HIM: that you trustingly call out to Jesus Christ alone (renouncing all other deeds and religions) to reconcile your soul to the one true God, based on the fact Jesus died for your sinfulness and was raised so you could be made right with God. (John 6:44, 14:6)
    14. Jesus says he will come again from Heaven to judge the living and the dead, to rule and to reign. (Matthew 24:30; Luke 21:27; Mark 14:62; John 5:22-27)
    15. Therefore, Jesus Commands His Disciples to Make Disciples (teach and baptize in the name of the Trinity) everywhere until He Comes Again (Matthew 28:19-20)
    16. Jesus said,“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.Then you’ll know the truth & the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31-32)
  2. Follows Jesus Practically — the means and methods the master uses to accomplish goals (Luke 6:46)
    1. Selfless and Sacrificial Love to God and Fellow Man: “Dying to Self”
      1. Kingdom Living: See Matthew 5-7
      2. Denying Your Self [a.k.a. Taking Up His Cross] (Matt. 16:24; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23)
      3. Dying Daily (1 Corinthians 15:31)
      4. Counting Yourself “Dead to” Sin (Romans 6:11)
      5. Putting to Death the Deeds of the Flesh (Romans 8:13; Col. 3:5)
      6. Putting off the Old You (Ephesians 4:22-24)
      7. Leaving behind the possibility of denying Jesus. (Matthew 10:33; Hebrews 12:1)
      8. Leaving behind the things that weigh us down in our race for God (Romans 12:1-2; Hebrews 12:1)
      9. Leaving Pursuits of Happiness apart from a Life Serving Jesus Christ (Luke 9:62, 14:25-34)
      10. Being a Living Sacrifice: Renewing Your Mind [exchanging the way you think about relationships, actions, attitudes for God’s way] (Romans 12:1-2)
    2. Yielding to the Promptings of the Holy Spirit: “Living unto God”
      1. Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24)
      2. Praying in the Power of the Holy Spirit (Jude 19-24)
      3. Showing Grace and Good Deeds (Eph. 2:10; Col. 4:6; Matt. 5:16)
      4. Putting on Christ (Romans 13:14; Galatians 3:27)
      5. Counting Your Body as a Tool Dedicated to do Righteous Things (Rom. 6:11-13)
      6. Counting Your Life as an Ongoing Sacrifice Offered to Jesus (Rom. 12:1-2)
      7. Producing Fruit of the Spirit by Yielding to His Influence (Galatians 5)
      8. Boldly Sharing and Defending the Gospel Everywhere (Mark 16:15, Ephesians 6:19; Jude)
      9. Making Disciples and Baptizing Them (Matthew 28:19-20)
      10. Loving other Disciples in Christ (John 17)
  3. Follows Jesus in Physical Action — where the master leads or sends in order to both continue learning and accomplish goals (mission, obedience — Luke 6:46)
    1. Obeys the Command to be Baptized in the Name of the Trinity.
    2. Joins Other Believers for Worship and Encouragement (Hebrews 10:25)
    3. Working the skill/profession you have and serving the Lord — making disciples — within it (1 Cor. 7:17-24)
    4. Leaving Comforts, Abundance (Affluence) – Matthew 6:24, 19:22; Mark 10:22; Luke 16:13
    5. Leaving Family’s Physical Location (Matt. 19:29; Mark10:29-30; Luke 18:29)
    6. Leaving Houses (Matt. 19:29; Mark10:29-30; Luke 18:29)
    7. Leaving Lands (Matt. 19:29; Mark10:29-30; Luke 18:29)
    8. Leaving Excuses of Inconvenience or Culture (Matt. 6:25-31; 8:21-22, Luke 9:26, 57-62)
    9. Going out of your Comfort Zone and Routine and Prejudices (Luke 10:25-37)
    10. Going to Where No Disciples Are (Mark 16:15; Matthew 28:19-20)
    11. Going to the Poor, Who are Rich in Faith (Luke 7:22; Matt. 11:5, James 2:5)
    12. Going to the Isolated, Oppressed and Downtrodden (Luke 4:18)
    13. Going to your City (Jerusalem), Country (Judea), Neighboring Region (Samaria) and Far Abroad (Uttermost Parts of the Earth) — Acts 1:8
    14. Going even to Physical Death, if persecuted or called upon to Die for the Name of Jesus (Matt. 5, 10:24; Luke 6:40; John 13:16, 15:20, 21:20-23)

Are You a Disciple of Jesus Christ? (Audio) — Part 2

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