Prophecy in the News for June 30, 2015

Below is the news for today, which is not over yet. To all of the stories below, ask yourself why and why now? The answer: Biblical Prophecy unfolding.



  • UK scientists developed software that predicts where asteroids are likely to fall Ask yourself why and why now?
  • Fireball, labeled “mystery object,” seen in the sky over Atlanta, GA area; NYT says it was likely space junk re-entering earth’s atmosphere. Mystery object seen streaking across Georgia sky is possibly “reentry of space junk” ‪  but this must be really resistant and bulky space junk to sustain re-entry without disintegration.
  • News agencies are talking about a constellation alignment, calling it “the Star of Bethlehem conjunction.” The alignment does not concur with any Tanakh or Christian prophecy. It cannot signify the birth of Christ, since that is past. It cannot signify the immediate return of Christ to rule, since it follows no Hebrew Feast Days and since it would leave many unfulfilled prophecies, such as Ez. 38, 2 Thess. 2, Daniel 2, Daniel 7-9, Romans 11, Revelation 13 & 17. It is an imposing, ominous sign. 
  • A NASA video feed shows 3 UFOs exiting earth’s atmosphere…and then the feed cuts off abruptly and NASA says it’s a faulty camera.
  • Today is labeled Asteroid Day by scientists globally — Ask yourself why and why now?

  • Hawaiian Natives and Astronomers Clash on ‘Holy Mountain’ 
  • Top Navy scientist says ‘there will definitely be’ system failures because of the leap second— 



Iran, Nuclear Talks, Middle East War and Israel

EU, World Finance and Greece

Morality & Natural Disaster

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