Temple Talk Radio: Israel-Jordan Secret Temple Mount Deal

Below, one will find a radio recording from the Temple Institute. All Christians should pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Moreover, while the Temple Institute does not recognize Jesus as Messiah, and while they also do not recognize the Christian Scriptures which indicate the 3rd Temple will be the place of desecration by the Anti-Christ, instead of being that which restores purity into the world; we Christians should be abreast of how prophecy is unfolding.

See especially 36:46 onward for details about the Israel-Jordan deal (but please listen to the whole thing).

Israel-Jordan Secret Temple Mount Deal Green Light to Nuclear Holocaust or Red Heifer for the Return of Biblical Purity…The Choice is Yours 

There’s a whole of transition this week. As the people of Israel prepare to conclude reading the Book of Numbers and begin Deuteronomy, we also mark the passage this week from the month of Tammuz, to the month of Av… and we will be intensifying our levels of mourning for the Holy Temple as the solemn fast day of Tisha B’Av draws closer. This week also saw the conclusion of the West’s nuclear deal with the terrorist regime of Iran – was it a coincidence that this took place during the three weeks of national mourning for the Holy Temple. The hosts of Temple Talk don’t believe in coincidences: enter this week’s dramatic announcement that the Temple Institute is now raising red heifers here in Israel, in order to rebuild the Holy Temple. How’s that for a response to the Iranian nuclear crises? This week’s high-powered edition of Temple Talk puts all the cards on the table and ups the ante… what will it be, nuclear holocaust, or global peace? The choice is ours.


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