Mark 1:14 – 2:17 | Jesus’ Priority in Ministry

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VII. Jesus placed higher priority on preaching the gospel of God’s Kingdom than on healing and exorcism or popularity. 1:35 — 2:13

A. He spent solitary time in prayer, through which the Father led him to leave the crowds of Galilee. (1:35-38)

B. In opposition to his being sought for healing, he said, “Let’s go somewhere else… so that I can preach the gospel; that is why I came.” (1:35-38)

C. When a leper sought him for healing, Jesus showed righteous anger, healed the man and then scolded him & cast him away, commanding him not to tell anyone about the healing. Jesus did not want a following of people more interested in his healing than in his teaching. Some wish to be healed for the “betterment” of their physical existence. Jesus wants people to realize their greatest need is the Gospel of God’s Kingdom he preaches. (1:39-45)

D. His not being able to enter cities and people flocking to him for healing only are the consequences of someone telling about Jesus’ free healing, not obeying Jesus’ command “tell no one.” (1: 39-45)

E. So, Jesus began to use healing as times of teaching about forgiveness of sin. The outward became a sign of the inward. (2:1-13) Jesus’ purpose was to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. He put a higher priority on it than healing and deliverance from demons and popularity. Do you have the same priority as Jesus? Do you proclaim the Gospel wherever you go, no matter the obstacle or despite popularity?

VIII. Jesus has the authority to forgive sins. (2:1-13)

A Jesus calls & spends time with outcasts, low-lifes, and sinners because He came to call sinners to repentance. (2:14-22)

B. The hopeless need hope. (2:14-17)

C. The whole do not need a physician (2:14-17)

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