Series Continued from Mark 1:14 — 3:12 | The Authority of Jesus as Messiah, the Son of God

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VIII. Jesus has the authority to forgive sins. (2:1-13)

A Jesus calls & spends time with cheats, poor, outcasts, low-lifes, and sinners because He came to call sinners to repentance. (2:14-22)

B. The hopeless need hope. (2:14-17)

C. The whole do not need a physician (2:14-17)

IX. Jesus has authority that supersedes any tradition, ritual or law. (2:18-28 — 3:6)

A. Fasting (vv. 18-20) is only to be done by believers who do not have Jesus physically with them. [That’s us.]

B. The Gospel of God’s Kingdom cannot be contained in the old laws and traditions (vv. 21-22)

C. The Son of Man is Lord, even of the Sabbath. (2: 23-28 — 3:6)

i. The Sabbath was made for the benefit of man. Man was not made for the benefit of the Sabbath. (2:27) [i.e. God created a day of rest for our refreshment and praise to a God who is not a slave driver. God did not to make it more laborious or to bind us with restriction]

ii. Jesus uses healing as times of teaching about his having authority that supersedes any ritual or law, just as Jesus used healing to show he has authority to forgive sins. (3:1-5)

iii. Some people hate Jesus for this and wish to kill him. (3:6)

X. Jesus’ authority is known despite opposition (3:7-12)

A. The opposition of the Pharisees takes off.

B. The opposition of those seeking healing more than teaching continues. And, Jesus adapts.

C. The opposition of demons tormenting people and declaring Jesus as the Son of God is ever present.



  • Jesus goes to, calls & spends time with cheats, outcasts, poor, low-lifes, and known sinners. Does your ministry look like that?
    • Do you minister to those in poverty or with addictions, diseases or social stigmas?
    • Do you go where they are in order to call them to Jesus? Or, do you expect them to come to you?
    • The greatest validation of Jesus’ being the Son of God is He went to the poor, needy, broken and outcast. (Is. 61)
  • Like a doctor, Jesus helps those who know they need help.
    • Have you responded to Jesus’ offer to pardon your sinful soul and provide the inner healing you need?
    • Even as believers, pride keeps us from welcoming the help of others. Do you often reject the help of others because you want to be seen as “self-sufficient,” “having it all together” or “needing nothing”?
  • Jesus and his gospel do not fit in the box of traditions.
    • What old wineskins are you trying to make the new gospel fit into? “The way we’ve always done it”? A certain way of dressing? A revered translation of the Bible? Music preferences? A familiar order of church service? Non-biblical rituals and ceremonies?
    • The pharisees used fasting as a standard of one’s nearness to God. Is your public (religious) passion greater than your private devotion? Do you act in religious ways to impress others? Are people bigger to you than God?
    • Jesus has ascended to heaven, and He stated His followers “will fast.” Do you fast and pray secretly because you wish to see Jesus?
    • Do you condemn people for working on the Sundays? What if, like Jesus, you did something good for them? Leave a hefty tip and a “bless you in Jesus’ name.”
  • Jesus received opposition. Some desired to kill him.
    • Are you willing to receive social pressure, loss of opportunity, dislike, threats, abuse, or even death for Jesus’ name? Or, do you like being popular?
    • Like Jesus (when people wanted him only for his healing), do you view unbiblical “success” as opposition? How have you adapted in order to keep on God’s path for your life’s ministry?
    • You know you are becoming more like Jesus when demons start showing up in the picture of your life’s ministry. Are you growing into Jesus’ likeness?

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