Exposing the Convergence Movement in Time to Revive

There is a strong connection between Time to Revive (Kyle Martin) and the widely ecumenical Convergence Movement. Kyle Martin attended Gordon-Conwell in order to obtain his doctorate. Gordon-Conwell is home to church historian professor emeritus, Richard Lovelace. In Sept. 1984, Richard Lovelace wrote an article in Charisma Magazine on the Convergence Movement titled, “Three Streams, One River?” A review of that article and movement can be read at Virtual Online. One can also view ConvergenceMovement.org or an interview by CBD in which Lovelace praises the Anglican Communion and expresses his wish to see Catholics, Charismatics, Mainline Protestants and other Evangelicals functioning as one church.

“Three Streams, One River” is the same language Time to Revive (TTR) uses HERE to promote the “unity” found in TTR’s “revival” movement. Of course, TTR is not a true revival. It is, however, a widely publicized exercise in ecumenically-driven evangelism; and so, it is a revival of the ecumenical spirit that aligns precisely with Pope Francis’ great Evangelical gamble. [See also One Faith, One Church at Patheos]


In Convergence Movement style, Time to Revive uses the slant of “We all preach the same gospel” in order to “unify” churches who are otherwise separated by doctrinal differences. Some of these doctrinal differences are ESSENTIAL and not to be discarded. In other words, some denominations don’t preach the same Gospel—-ex. Baptism required for salvation, no repentance of sin and other gods (a.k.a. easy-believism salvation), Jesus not fully God, Jesus not fully man, Jesus as just a prophet or example, Jesus not the ONLY Way of salvation, Mary placed as co-redemptrix and sacraments with Jesus in Catholicism, Jesus of the Anglo-Catholic Communion, Jesus of the Liberal Mainline Denominations. Some preach Hell is not real, Satan is not real, and/or sinful (peccable) human nature is not real. Then, there’s [outside Christendom] the Jesus of the Mormons, Jesus of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jesus of the Unitarians. So, I ask, which Jesus? Why doesn’t Time to Revive define the Jesus to which they refer? They are convergent.

Yes, Time to Revive uses a vaguely defined Jesus and a vaguely defined, easy-believism gospel to unify denominations who would not otherwise be in unity. Don’t believe me? Here is a statement by Kyle Martin in the Goshen News earlier this year: “…unity is the Goal.” Should unity ever be THE goal? Yes, but only among those who hold to the essentials of Christian doctrine as defined by historic, conservative evangelicals. Should unity be THE goal among widely sweeping ecumenical disbelievers? No. 2 Corinthians 6:14 commands believers to not have fellowship with these sort.

Please go to the Time to Revive daily video updates. You will find:

  • Day 155 — Catholic Priest embraced in Convergence Movement style. Was this priest evangelized to denounce the sacraments, Mary, veneration of saints, etc. in exchange for Jesus only? I hope so.
  • Day 149 — Kyle Martin’s sister says ALL denominations are the same. She said this in order to emphasize that we all have the Living Water within us to share. We all need to take off our labels. But, it is not true that all denominations preach the same Jesus or the same gospel.
  • Day 114 — Kyle Martin says “You have to trust that God has sent us to your community.” Umm. No, I don’t. I have to test the spirits by the Word of God to see if they are of God. The Convergence Movement is not of God, seeing it denies the doctrines of the Apostles found in the Word in order to promote unity.
  • Day 86-87 — 1:25 through 1:48 Kyle Martin talks with a pluralist “Christian” who denies Christ is God and the only way of salvation. While the man makes such claims, Kyle says, “Now you changed it on me…. The actual standard is totally different.” However, as the man continues, Kyle nods yes and says “ok.” The video cuts out and comes back in with Kyle referring to Jesus as God. When the man disagrees, Kyle backs off, smiling and sheepishly saying, “I know, I know.” [This is weak at best. A man with a doctorate degree in theology should be able to say to the man transparently and boldly, “Jesus is the ONLY way. All other gods are false.”]
  • Day 0 — :55-:58 “If we have the same Spirit, why couldn’t we worship together… The hallmark of revival has always been groups coming together under the banner of Jesus.” But, WHICH JESUS? Revival is not unity. Revival is not an event. Revival is not evangelism, though it may produce it. HOWEVER, the Bible does command us not to worship with those who preach another gospel by redefining the identity or finished work of Jesus or faith or grace. In fact, we are commanded not to worship, mixing light with darkness or idols, not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers in worship (2 Cor. 6:14).


To those who may call me legalistic and wonder at the cumbersome nature of all of this, I can only say, “I stand here; I can do no other.” — Martin Luther

I also provide a solution. Keep training in the gospel, but define the Gospel we are training VERY clearly, according to historic Evangelical essentials instead of “Compromise”. Make those who come to training times go through an Introduction to Christian Essentials course. This is nothing less than the charge to make disciples (not converts), which is our Lord’s clear charge in Matthew 28:19-20. How can anyone who does not know the essentials of Christ’s commands and the Apostle’s doctrines go and make disciples?

I have not written to you in order to condemn you, but I have written as a prophet giving a prophet’s warning. As I stand before the LORD and must give an account, I solemnly warn you according to the Word of God. “Though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel than that which we preached to you, let him be accursed.” (Gal. 1:8)



One thought on “Exposing the Convergence Movement in Time to Revive

  1. Jason Whiteaker

    THANK YOU so much for your bold (and unpopular) description of Time to Revive. I was briefly involved in TTR when it came to Fort Wayne, IN. I had recently been attending a new church, and this church was “on fire” for TTR. They were craving the TTR “spirit” to come to Fort Wayne from Goshen, IN. I heard of Amish people who were acting/speaking like evangelical Christians, arm-in-arm with mainstream Christianity. Unity, seemingly above all else, was emphasized. Yes, evangelism is discussed and a seemingly important aspect of TTR. However, something didn’t sit right with me when unity with other faiths was pushed so hard. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something seemed off. During some of the initial meetings, I saw all kinds of traditions represented, including denominations with liberal bents (women pastors were in attendance, groups that support homosexuality, emergent church components, and some seemingly extreme examples of the charismatic movement). In my mind, the two words most associated with TTR are (their somewhat unbiblical concept of) “unity”, and “emotionalism”.

    I attempted to become part of the discipleship follow up teams that work with TTR “converts”. I played vmail tag with someone from TTR, and they were so hurried to talk with me. I never received any names to follow up with, and things halted right there. I mentioned to my pastor that I wasn’t getting any traction, but I ended up tying that seeming inability to follow up with my overall unsettledness. I believe this was a confirmation that TTR has some fundamental issues, and, that it was not best for me to go down that road.

    I somewhat accidentally came across this blog post, and I was thrilled to see someone put some context on this “unease” with TTR. I can’t remember exactly who I heard make mention of the “three streams, one river” concept, but I heard it stated as God had given this person a vision (in the middle of the night) of this “three streams, on river” concept. Being that I live in Fort Wayne, I passed it off as a reference to the river system in Fort Wayne – we have three rivers that converge downtown. I took it to mean that this person felt that something big was coming to town. After reading this blog, I don’t believe that this individual had a vision from God…besides, visions/impressions directly from God are not normative. Anyone who claims new revelation from God is an immediate red flag to me, but I gave this person the benefit of the doubt. However, I can now see that this person was seemingly presuming on the Lord, and, recited the same ecumenical language unique to TTR. I want nothing to do with a questionable “move” of God. Besides, you don’t schedule a genuine move of God in some locale. As I understand revival, it first starts with repentance within the body of Christ. We don’t gin up emotion and excitement, along with a schedule of when we expect God to act. That in and of itself should be enough of a warning with TTR’s approach.

    We live in dangerous, apostate times. I passed this link to my pastor and two of my friends at this church. No one even acknowledged receiving the link. It’s OK…I’m not going to be divisive, but I have stopped attending that church and am currently looking for another church home. It saddens me that people who claim to be strong in faith and devoted to serving our Lord won’t even take the time to review something that challenges their “pet project”. We are called to unity WITHIN THE BODY, not with unequally yoked belief systems. Church is not for new converts or to be “seeker friendly”…it’s to build and equip (in discipleship) the saints so we can go and fulfill the Great Commission. In the “City of Churches”, it’s so hard to find a group that worships in Spirit and in Truth. I know they exist, but the corruption, apostasy, and lack of commitment to the Truth is rampant in Fort Wayne and in America in general. Again, I thank you for putting this information out there. I know you’ve taken some lumps for what you’ve written, but I commend you for your courage to speak the truth in love, and warn the saints of emotional pursuits of our Lord and playing fast and loose with Truth. May the Lord richly bless your ministry, and again, THANK YOU!



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