Redirect Your Investments

There are many economical reasons to redirect your investments, and these economical reasons are directly tied to the signs of the times. I believe our God is telling us that it is time to take whatever stocks one may have out of the market, because it is about to sustain major restructuring. It may not crash in the next few days, but I believe it will crash within the next few months or so. This downward trend has been coming for a while. [Update: In early September of this year, a dramatic decrease in the stock market did occur. That slide was but a tremor of the quake to come, seeing global markets remain in the danger zones, and that, interest rates and government shutdown are merely being kicked down the road.]

You don’t have to do what I am saying. I am not trying to command you or direct you professionally, but I do give this opinion sincerely. I ask you (if possible) to consider putting the value of your retirement or investment portfolios into paying off current debts — pay off the debts of your self and family/churches/fellow believers. Invest in arable land with pure and isolated water resources, in hand-held precious metals and stones (including rare earth metals), in causes that align with your biblical beliefs, in hard (non-depreciating) assets besides housing and custom collectibles (novelties), in rental property, and in sources of generated and/or renewable energy that provide off-grid or grid-surplus energy.

I am not telling you to stockpile resources out of fear. I am not telling you to have a bunker mentality. And, I am certainly NOT telling you to take up violence or rebellion. These ideologies are unbiblical [I have written against them before]; and, I believe they are done out of fear. “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a disciplined mind.” So rather, it is out of love and an ordered mind that I alert you to the economic climate. Please take this advice.





































































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