Blood Moons Summarized

Over the past several months, I have posted more than a few articles–either written personally or credited to others–on the subject of the Blood Moons of 2014-2015. I list these articles below, and I say now for clarity that I believe (along with other renowned scholars) these celestial events are the harbingers of a war already mounting, from which God will preserve the Jewish people. This war will require a peace treaty. Therefore, it will be the catalyst for what is known as the biblical Great Tribulation, seeing the one to offer the peace treaty will be the Son of Perdition, a.k.a. the Man of Sin, the Anti-Christ. At that time, the church will have been taken out of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ:

The Day of the Lord

What’s Next?

From Bill Salus: “Signs in the Heavens?” via

I do not put stock in the Shemitah cycle. Jonathan Cahn takes things a bit too far and out of context, as does Mark Biltz. But, I do see the signs of the times, and I do see a converging one world system (financially and in governance). As witnessed from the above articles, I do ascribe to the Solar Eclipses followed by Blood Moons as being signs in the heavens (Gen. 1:14; Joel 2:30-31; Acts 2) which indicate a new development in the Day of the Lord. Regardless of the Shemitah Cycle’s being a true phenomenon, prophecies that have to do with the Revived Roman Empire are unfolding before our eyes. And, given the amount of fluctuation and “developments” in science & the financial and governmental sectors worldwide, I believe we are on the cusp of drastic change.

I believe economic crashes to be the result of economic engineering and greed, at the forefront of which are the financial elite… many of whom are Jews (see also George Soros). God will utilize the very theosophic/esoteric mysticism and cabal they use to acquire wealth as that which brings in the Anti-Christ — God’s Tool to chastise the Jews during “Jacob’s Trouble.” Again, I see economic engineering is going on, and I wholeheartedly affirm that it is due to a cabal; and yes, I believe that secular (non-Messianic) Jews are at the forefront of it. Because of their desire for peace and prosperity and dominance, they will bring in the Great Tribulation and introduce the Anti-Christ into the world. That being said, I am not anti-semitic. In fact, I am 1% Jew in DNA. haha!

As any true Christian should, I pray that God’s plan will be advanced in allowing the Jews to be deceived for a time, drawn into a peace agreement with Anti-Christ, and ultimately repent together toward the salvation of the nation of Israel (Romans 11:11-16) and the peace of all nations. I know that only through HIS will can His kingdom come (Matthew 6:10). I rejoice that at a certain point, all Jews will realize their generational sin of rejecting Jesus. They will realize this only when the Anti-Christ persecutes them. Then, they will cry out in anguish because their deception will be removed, and they will cry for Jesus (Zech. 12:10). [See also Romans 11:26, Revelation 12:14 and Isaiah 33 & 57]



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