Quantum Mysterium Tremendum et Numen

Shared existence, which sounds ludicrous to the common man, is something that quantum physicists continue to explore with zeal.

For some time, physicist who study quantum mechanics at mega-labs like CERN (Large Hadron Collider), have been testing theory about the way the universe works, delving into the metaphysical with their research. Partical physicists can tell you how elemental particles are reacting in their experiments. They can assign these reactions and their subparticles names and discuss the how of it all,… but they cannot tell you the why; and the why is what they (witting or unwittingly) are really seeking. Their quantum theory is just that. They have hypotheses; they test the hypotheses with experiments; they record the results; they label certain phenomena they observe, noticing how they may correspond to other previously observed outcomes; and the results (thus interpreted) determine their next hypotheses. It is highly organized trial and error.

The data sets pulled from such studies are so large they will require quantum computers for analysis; and the anti-matter by-product from said experiments (something remotely analogous to radioactive waste in nuclear fission) is strangely interactive–even interdependent–to quantities of the same stuff in other locations of the world. The same phenomenon is true of photons, which seem to know the situation of every other photon in our world simultaneously–something referred to as quantum entanglement.

The only plausible explanation for the results of experiments in quantum physics is extra-dimensional reality to our universe, through which these particles ‘communicate’ with one another. Thus, one aim of quantum computing is to understand, harness and utilize this form of communication. As NPR’s recent coverage of the entanglement phenomenon shows, the study of photon interdependence has a growing interest, even at the public level. Yet, an alternate dimension is something that humans (especially humans with no biblically-informed spiritual worldview) do not fully comprehend.

“Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it,” said Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN (The Register, Nov. 6, 2009)

Again, scientists do not know the “why,” they do not truly know the “what,” according to its pre-existent name(s); and they are not fully aware of the rules of the games they play.

A largely growing view used to explain these phenomena, is New Age philosophy’s Law of Attraction; and it is believed by the same that humanity can manipulate reality with the mind. Moreover the aim and desire of such futurist New Age ideology is shared existence or collective consciousness, wherein (bio-technology) will aid humanity in becoming ‘truly one.’ Of course, this fits in all too well with the transhumanist movement… and all too conveniently would earn a biblicist Christian the label of dissenter and ‘nay-sayer’ for proclaiming such belief as the deception and teachings of demons.

In conclusion, biblical Christianity holds that the Triune God not only created all things but holds all things together by the power of his might. There is indeed the spiritual realm, and all spirits must ultimately be subject to the Most High God. All creation tells of His omniscient and omnipresent glory. He alone is the Great Mysterium Tremendum at work by the Holy Spirit (the Numen, if you will… though I don’t like the pagan roots of that name). In loose scientific terms, the Triune God created the glue that bonds matter together. Which is greater: the chaos of antimatter, or the light and matter which imprison it? By Christ all things were brought into being (John 1), and so, they consist, live, move, and have their being; and the Bible provides a fully developed Divine revelation which tells the end from the beginning (Colossians 1:15-20). We Christians do not oppose the advance of science. Yet, Christians do understand the dangers of mankind’s pursuit of knowledge “without God.” We know that not only does God inhabit eternity (the realm outside of time and space) but–be warned!–so do fallen angels (Job 1).



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From Physics to Metaphysics

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