Mark 10 | Tying Up Loose Ends before the Passion

In our journey so far through Mark’s [really Peter’s] Gospel, we have noticed the following natural contours to the book’s structure:

As expected, Mark tells us what the book is about in the first verse of the first chapter. He aims to be a witness to the truth that Jesus is the Son of God, the Messiah. Everything in the book establishes that fact by historical and eye-witness account. Yet, one also notes that from chapter 3:13 into chapter 6:13, Jesus begins his ministry to the 12 Disciples… who will one day be His Apostles. Everything in the Gospel of Mark after 3:13 is, therefore, not only about proofs that Jesus is the Son of God; but also that, Jesus did certain things and said certain things in order to train his Disciples. We do well to note how he taught them and what he taught them. From chapter 6:13 onward into the end of Mark 10, the studious reader of Mark notes specific teachings about the human condition and about Himself as Messiah. These teachings often took the Disciples by surprise or did not fit their paradigm. Thus, we see Jesus teaching some of the same lessons repeatedly, especially His predicting His own death and resurrection. The significance of both the timing and content of the teachings Christ gives at various stages in his ministry (and in the lives of His Disciples) cannot be underestimated.

In summary, the progression through Mark goes something like this: [expanded view is given of Mark 10, since it is next in our study]

Mark 1:1 — 3:12 | The Foundations of the Authority of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, Messiah

Mark 3:13 — 6:13 | How Jesus Trains the 12: Discipleship on the Kingdom and Ministering the Word of the Kingdom

Mark 6:14 — 10:52 | Specific Teachings and Re-teachings

Mark 7:31 — 8:30 | The Religious Evil Heart and the Unpredictable Messiah

Mark 8:31 — 9:50 | Transfiguration and Lessons on Greatness

Mark 10:1 — 10:52 | Tying Up Loose Ends before the Passion

1-12 | Marriage’s Original Design vs. the Law

13-16 | Reteaching on Children

17-31 | Against Trusting in Riches

32-34 | 3rd Time Predicting Death and Resurrection

35-45 | James and John Ask for Position (reteaching on humility and service)

46-52 | Healing Blind Bartemaeus

Mark 11 — 15 | The Passion Week of Jesus, the Son of God, the Messiah

Mark 16 | The Resurrection and the Great Commission

Links to the Series:

Mark 1:14 — 3:12 | The Authority of Jesus as Messiah, the Son of God

Mark 1:1-13 Baptism of Repentance

Mark 1:1-28 | The Authority of Jesus, cont. (audio)

Mark 1:14 – 2:17 | Jesus’ Priority in Ministry




John the Baptizer in Prison

Mark 7:1 — 8:30 | The Religious, Evil Heart and the Unpredictable Messiah

Mark 8:31 — 9:50 | Transfiguration and Lessons on Greatness

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