My Take on Jewish Rabbis “Partnering” with & Lauding Christianity

Just today, Orthodox Jewish Rabbis declared partnership with Christianity, calling Christianity “the willed divine outcome and gift to the nations.”  (Breitbart)

Compliments about the good moral teachings of Jesus crossed these Rabbis lips, but nothing was said of His being Messiah and King of Kings and Lord of Lords. To compliment Jesus for His teachings is not the same thing as repenting toward G-d of dead (religious) works in order to receive Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiach, the only Son of G-d, the Savior of all mankind.

No, I see something completely different in this “partnership.” I see a grand victory for Francis, the great ecumenical pope, who has “acquired” some groups from all of the following religions/sects: Orthodox, Anglican, Protestant, Evangelical, some Muslim, Buddhist… and now Jewish.

Let me recap Francis’ exploits this year:

This past June, Francis treaties PA as a State, because the Vatican shares same status as PA in the eyes of the UN. So, in effect Francis was calling the Vatican a State. This is important for geopolitical reasons, namely for favor with PA and Islam and for future Vatican agendas. Despite this, articles started to surface from Jerusalem, praising Francis as a leader that inspires like no other Rabbi. [At that time, I speculated (and wrote) that the Jews would take Francis as theirs… and Islam might not be far behind that.]


–Francis proclaims desire to take the Temple Mount from the Jews…. presumably to increase the first ploy’s effect.


–Francis poses to claim unity with Jews directly after the UN ratifies its Post-2015 Global Sustainable Development Agenda (which Israel signed) in order to show a switch. Francis was recognized & praised by the left and right chairpersons of the UN for Francis’ charge to “be ambitious” during the adoption of the Agenda.


–Francis acquires Rabbis who see Christianity as a “willed divine outcome.”

What could make these seemingly contradictory postures harmonize?

I surmise Francis and these Rabbis have united in order to eventually secure Temple Mount control from Jordan and bring it under Vatican control for Jewish practice (i.e. Temple build). Earlier this year, Jordan did make a secret Temple Mount deal with Israel. The control of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount by Vatican would appease the PA, especially if the PA gains statehood from the deal… and that is the only kind of power play that gives Jews rights to build their Temple while evoking “partnership” and laud of Christianity from the Jews.

The Bible foretells a coming one world religion (Ecumenism) & empire (the EU/UfM and UN)—of an Anti-Christ spirit and Anti-Christ Regime. The Bible also foretells of a false prophet who will arise “out of the Land” (of Israel) and who leads the Jews to make an agreement of peace with the Anti-Christ Prince & Regime (who arises “out of the Sea:” a.k.a. Mediteranean region). That false prophet will have the horns (authority) of the Lamb (Jesus) but will speak with the mouth of the dragon (Satan). [See Studies on Revelation 13]

Is Pope Francis the Anti-Christ? Likely not. Is he the False Prophet? He very well could be, especially if he moves Vatican operations to Jerusalem and aids the Jews politically and religiously to build their Temple. In that way, he would arise as a religious/political power “out of the Land.” And if that were to happen, then know for certain that The Man of Sin is not far from being revealed.


Other Resources:


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