Geopolitical Engineering at Its “Best”

If you haven’t already done so, please watch the video by Eric Bolling via Fox News, in which he comments:

Either the FBI director, the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of Homeland Security are conspiring and lying to us, or the President of the United States is blatantly misleading you. – Eric Bolling, Fox News (

Perhaps never in the history of the United States have the leaders and agencies of this county openly shown so much incongruity. One can be sure that if contradiction exists on the surface, the inner workings are more than divided. There are those who wish to preserve American autonomy; and then, there is the already-advancing international agenda to amalgamate the United States into the European Union, following the EU’s own international, geopolitical aims (See North American Union & Pan-Americanism). When one accepts that the USA is no longer as autonomous as it once was [having been surrendered during the Bush administration] and is merely following the supra-directives of a one-world government; suddenly Bible prophecy, the current international political scene and current US domestic policies make much more sense. We are certainly living in the time period which the Bible labels The Last Days and the Beginning of Birth Pangs. The present time will soon give way to the Great Tribulation Period, as described in the Book of Revelation… and that period is very near indeed.

The Syrian War & the Refugee Crisis

One particular social concern presently dividing Christians in America is the Syrian refugee crisis. As a Christian and human made in the image of God, I will always welcome and show hospitality to other humans fleeing war. I will not choose to live in fear of terrorists actual or terrorist supposed. Our Lord Jesus says:

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matt. 10:28; Luke 12:4)

That being said, I am not so gullible or naive to miss the geopolitical engineering that has led to the Syrian war and its refugee crisis. In my opinion, this conundrum is the direct and intended result of international agendas. Since these agendas align with and reflect descriptions within Bible prophecy, I will spend time detailing them below:

The Assertion

The assertion is plainly this:

Econ. Engineering = conflict + instability –> migrants to Europe [& USA] –> a needed solution for the overload –> Rev. 13:16-18 #post2015#SDGs

— Sam Kean (@snkean) September 7, 2015

In other words, the EU/UN and USA have engineered a coming geopolitical/economic upheaval, which will result in the need for a strengthened one-world government and economy. Their post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda supplies that need. The solution runs ahead of the problem?

…the war continues and Russia is not only participating but giving aid and arms to Iraq. The US is, under Obama so-called leadership, leading from behind! …  The aftermath of the fighting is influx of upward of a million people flooding into Europe [more than WWII caused]. The people living in those countries are beginning to realize that their way of life, their culture, is being taken from them by these so-called refugees, who are unskilled, uneducated and mostly Muslim men. Meanwhile, we are allowing thousands of “refugees” into this country without a clue as to who might be a terrorist. In my opinion what we are witnessing is deliberate. In other words the governments of the EU and the USA are creating the chaos and then they will provide the solution to the chaos. This is a classic Hegelian dialectic. (L A Marzulli, December 18, 2015, brackets mine)

The European economy cannot handle the millions who have flowed into its borders, many without documentation of any kind. Neither can the US economy handle this inflow. Even if the economies could sustain these great shifts, the societal landscape will be so drastically and suddenly altered, none can predict the societal ripple effects. The above video does reveal that at least some refugees and/or immigrants desire to overpopulate native Europeans (especially Germans) and so, overcome their entire way of life–ushering in Sharia and global Islam.

By all indications, the upheaval will require a new mode of identification and commerce not based on anything other than individual DNA, … and that which can be permanently affixed to or implanted in the person himself. This technology is already in place and has been tested by several companies and many 10’s of 1000’s worldwide. Again, the UN’s post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda allows for the unified share of this biotech.

The How

Before providing the “how” of the geopolitical engineering of war and refugee crises by the US, EU & UN, please allow me to remind you I am an Anabaptist by belief. I consider my true citizenship to be in the heavenly realm with God. As the “About” page to this blog states:

[I am] a pacifist in the face of religious persecution but [am] proactive in averting the suffering of others. Furthermore, as Francis Schaeffer and George E. Ladd understood Christ’s Kingdom is nothing institutionally physical/political until the return of Christ Himself, [I] affirm the same understanding. So, neither democracy of the enlightenment, nor state churches of Europe are the rule of Christ. Thus, there is no legitimate claim to theonomy, or reconstructionism, let alone a perverted ecumenism which seeks to shape [global] society through sociopolitical means. Therefore, [I am] not a sociopolitical (governmental) activist

Herein, I am simply agreeing with my fellow Anabaptist theologian, Scot McKnight, that US foreign policy has led to the current crises.

In regards to the Syrian war and refugee crisis, how could the EU, UN and USA have been creating the chaos in order to provide the solution? The answer comes in a few aspects, and from a time before the Iraq war began:

  • The Bush administration ceded the US to Western European socialist economics during his administration, and in doing so, opened the floodgates of governmental “influence” from the EU to the US.
  • As indicated above, there is the already-advancing international agenda to amalgamate the United States into the European Union, following the EU’s own international, geopolitical aims (See North American Union & Pan-Americanism).
  • During the Iraqi occupation, extremist and apocalyptic Islamic groups like Al-Quaeda and ISIS/ISIL were knowingly given position and development by US and UN operations in Iraq. [see also FrontlineJudicial Watch,  Fox NewsInfo WarsWashington’s Blog]
  • The EU & UN & USA created the UfM in 2008, precipitating the Arab Spring, which itself has had several “adverse” affects upon countries like Libya, Syria and Egypt. Benghazi and the Egyptian Revolution: need I say more?
    • Geopolitically, Arab and Islamic states (ex. Turkey, Jordan) that fall in with the UfM accept democracy via “westernized, political Islam,” even though neither democracy nor tolerance of Christian rule fit Islamic philosophy.
    • Those Arab groups and states that touch the Mediterranean, and which do not accept democracy from the westernized “political Islam” (ex. Libya, Syria) find themselves placed between a rock of pressure from the EU/UN and the hard place of the same extremely militant, even apocalyptic Islamic groups which were given rise by US/EU/UN military operations. These pressures and threats create hunger for peace, which (of course) the EU and UN are ready and waiting to bring, if democracy is espoused and everyone bows to “political Islam.”
    • Refugees from Lybia and Syria flee to where? –the EU and US, where the already struggling economies cannot handle the influx for long before it and the societal turmoil boils over.
  • As of September 2015, the EU/UN/USA have the Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda in place before the economic crash begins, so that it can be implemented immediately.
  • Concerning the Vatican and Pope Francis’ political maneuvering: the Woman can ride the Beast only so long before it turns to consume her.

Russia Accounted for:

Since Russia (and all of the BRICS nations) have taken an active role in all of these matters, especially with strengthening Iran and the Palestinian State, the game has changed a little.  Suddenly:

  • The UfM state of Turkey cannot so easily stream ISIS into Syria.
  • Assad has some alternative to the dichotomy of “EU/UN or ISIS.”
  • The tide is being turned against ISIS, whereas years of strikes by the US/UN did no real damage nor hindrance to the ISIS advance.
  • Iran is staring down Turkey on Russia’s behalf. [Update: now partnered]



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