Interpreting Genesis 3:15 & 6:4 [Presentation]

What if one verse in the opening chapters of the Bible explains and drives the overarching plot for the entire Bible, especially its prophesies? What if that one verse—when taken in context and according to grammar—delivers clarifying insights into the otherwise most controversial Bible passages (ex. Justifying a World-wide Flood, Justifying Genocide of Canaanites by the Hebrews, Several Incursions of Giants in the Ancient World [Num. 13:33], What are Demons and demonization)?

Genesis 3:15 is commonly known to Bible scholars as “the first gospel.” Just before the words of Genesis 3:15 were pronounced by God, mankind had placed itself willingly under the rulership of “That Old Serpent, The Devil.” Yet, God proclaimed One (the Seed of the Woman) who was to arrive in order to destroy the works of the Devil. There would be an enemy status between that Seed and the “seed of the serpent.” The woman’s Seed would crush the Serpent’s head; but, the Serpent would bruise the Serpent Crusher’s heel.

Thus begins the ages-old conflict between 2 seeds, which progresses even now and into the future. But, what is the seed of the Serpent? When Genesis 6 is compared with its pre-context of Genesis 3:15, one gains important insight. Is the seed ungodly heathen humanity, or is it the product of fallen angels’ cohabitation with mankind?

What does it matter? The ages-old conflict of the 2 seeds is still ongoing, and Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so it shall be at the coming of the Son of Man” (Matthew. 24:37; Luke 17:26).

Interpreting Genesis 3.15 and 6.4 (PDF)

Interpreting Genesis 3.15 and 6.4 (PPTX)



You won’t hear about this in your church on Sunday morning. Most Christians know nothing about this subject. Fortunately Gary Stearman and guest L.A Marzulli are world renowned experts on this subject. The battle started a long time ago in the Garden of Eden. God created Adam and Eve in His own image but the fallen angel Lucifer had plans of his own. Leaving their home in heaven these fallen angels attempted to change the DNA of man forever by intermingling angelic seed with human seed. It may sound far fetched to even consider such a wild scheme, but these half-human hybrids created havoc on Earth. A few hundred years after they appeared, God destroyed all life on Planet Earth with a worldwide flood. Every living thing died with the exception of Noah and his family, found “pure” in their generation. Learn all about the “SEED WAR” between God and Satan.

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