Super Bowl 50 & the Illuminati X

Super Bowl 50 takes the Illuminati theme of mystical X & the Inter-Dimensional Vortex:
[cryptic message: “Now is the time of our transformation, the esoteric ‘future’ is here.”]

Here’s the story of exploitation of X, when it was supposed to be gone (


Aired On CBS — the all-seeing Eye (of Horus)

Sponsored by Pepsi — all-seeing eye

Lady Gaga gives the Baphomet hand gesture

Raiders X prominent during coin toss

Half-time Stage is an X

Coldplay sings over inter-dimensional vortex

Coldplay is Psychedelic and Lotus (sorcery)

Beyoncé is X’d and (lewdly) zipped 



10 (X) Cloverfield Lane — alien theme

Independence Day — alien theme

Deathwish Coffee by QuickBooks — X of crossbones

LG – “the (occult) future is here” featuring Snake eating tail

X-Men Apocalypse

WiX web sites with X prominently placed in center

X1 from Xfinity

“Jeep 4 X 4 ever”

AXE “your thing”

Jublia: alien beamed into”Heaven-like” toenail spa?

“NeXt Gen Stats”



The occult meaning of X for research purposes:

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