My Take on Putin’s “Withdrawal”

Anyone who has read previous months’ blog articles on Lamb’s Harbinger knows that I see Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 8 beginning to unfold, “beginning” being stressed.

With the recent (partial) withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria by Putin, readers may be wondering how this fits the biblical prophetic narrative. Isn’t Russia supposed to invade Israel? Yes, Russia and her allies will indeed invade Israel, according to Bible Prophecy. Instead of listening to the mass media syndicates’ uproarious and knee-jerk laud of Putin’s removal, let’s take a look at other news sources’ more stayed analysis… as well as the events which have ensued as a result of Putin’s decision.

Putin’s Russia will rely on allies in the region until her presence is necessary to asserting dominance over Turkey and Israel. Syria’s full collapse and Turkey’s acceptance of the EU migration deal will be the marker for that dominance. Talks with Israel’s top ministers, as well as Putin’s most recent statements of ‘redeploying in a matter of hours,’ reveal just how non-peaceful is Russia’s partial withdrawal. Having established military occupancy and having strengthened her allies in the region, Russia’s military tactic is classic proxy war maneuvering for least fiscal cost.

These are in descending order, from earliest to most recent: [note the regression of “peaceful” intention]







World War Three may have already begun in Iraq and Syria | Reuters Blogs, April 7, 2016

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