Tom Horn Discusses Zenith 2016

Make no mistake. Tom Horn is NOT preaching pagan prophecies, nor putting them above the Bible. He is merely pointing out what the collective enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ believe… what is motivating them and directing their actions. Then, he is placing all of that into the filter of the Bible for our discernment. Notice Tom Horn is not saying “the world will end in 2016.” There are many prophecies which must be fulfilled before God ends this world and creates a new one. However, Tom Horn is showing that many heathens (and non-Messianic Jews) believe their ‘savior’ is about to arrive… or already secretly has arrived.

For more discussion regarding the Illuminatus (Freemason) roots of America’s founding, and for discussion of well-known Christian preachers’ (ex. Jonathan Edwards) biblically-aligned prophecies about 2016, see the following videos:

 | Show# 2383 | Aired on October 9, 2013

 | Show# 2384 | Aired on October 10, 2013

Charisma News | 12/23/2015 | Tom Horn: Multiple Antichrist Prophecies Are Coming to a Head



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“The Rebellion and the Day of the Lord” via J. Hampton Keathley III

Blood Moons Summarized

Ezekiel 38 Begins to Unfold

Daniel 8 Prophecy Begins to Unfold

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