#MotherEarthDay / Gaia Worship & International Politics

[Read the Transcript from Prager U HERE]

The above video from Prager University reveals the research which proves Climate Change, Global Warming, etc. are merely the talking points of a global agenda to put controls and regulations on both economy & societal mindset to a world-wide scale. In the history of humanity, there has never been so much supply of fossil fuels. Oil is at “glut” levels. Natural gas fields exceed oil. Coal is now being processed and used at increasingly cleaner levels. Though there is environmental & social impact—and destruction—due to the carelessness, brutal methods, inhumane policies and/or greed of big business, fossil fuels and their eco-friendly uses are the most ethical and sustainable sources of energy. There is no imminent or even far off crisis.

September 23-27, 2015 the UN ratified its Global Sustainable Development Agenda. The UN’s 2030 GSD ratification and the according show of great pomp & circumstance by elitists was a celebration of the birth of a more empowered New World Order under global empire governance. The UN is the EU is the UfM is NATO is UNESCO is IMF is the USA…. forward and backwards. [See also Geopolitical Engineering at Its Best and key word search “Revived Roman Empire“]

Today–this sum of 24 hours–holds inestimable value to the Beast system. All these moving parts of the new global empire are celebrating the one religious belief that binds them all together—Gaia worship. Today is their “Earth Day” or “Mother Earth Day.” In mass celebration and ceremonial ritualistic style, the “Paris Agreement” is being signed today. It precipitates 100’s of other ecologically driven, economic and political policy deals in all the countries under the Beast umbrella. It controls everything it touches and it aims to touch everyone and everything: human rights & equality, education, ecology, economy. Those countries, such as Britain and Greece, which consider secession from the Beast are threatened either with enslaving tributes of debt, or else shamed, scolded or even sanctioned on the international scene. Meanwhile, Saudi oil moguls scrap and scramble to retain what remnants of control they have, since fossil fuels are so last era. And on this day, the first elements of the Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83 prediction of the War of Gog and Magog continue to rapidly develop. Russia and Israel are fast becoming tense, setting terms and rules of engagement… and generally pestering each other to a foreseeable boiling over point over matters such as trade & border policies related to Turkey and Syria, not to mention ‘relations’ with Iran, Palestine, Hamas and Hezbollah.

If you haven’t yet, please consider redirecting your investments. Another crash (worse than Sept. 2015 and Jan. 2016) is about to occur [within the next quarter, see also GATCA: The Financial Elitists’ Global Plot and Blood Moons Summarized].

Welcome to the New Age!

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