The Beast Emerging Out of the Sea

Revelation 13 shows the Beast Empire rising up out of THE Sea, a.k.a. The Mediterranean. That alerts the reader to look for a global empire which centers its power around the lands touching the Mediterranean. The EU / UfM meets this requirement explicitly.

However, there are those who say the current form of the EU / UfM cannot possibly be the Revived Roman Empire, because it does not have 10 clearly defined global kingdoms, nor 10 clearly defined global kings.

When hearing the argument, one should consider 3 points:

A. Daniel’s Statue moves from 2 feet of iron and clay (world empire factions) down into 10 toes of the same (10 world empire regions/domains). Interpretatively, the 2-factions (feet) precede but are part of the 10 kings/kingdoms (toes).. The former (feet) are substantiated by the latter (toes); and the latter (toes) are “out of” the former (feet). In other words, there is something about the feet and toes that is not cut-and-dry but interconnected anatomically. That leads to…

B. There is a role which the EU / UfM play underneath or within the UN. Unless one understands that the UN formed the EU, which formed the EaP and UfM, one will never understand the transformational impact of a Brexit-led EU collapse or the geopolitical law which allows for immigration and refugees from UfM nations to flee into Western Europe.

C. It would take quite a while (more than several decades) indeed for such an overt 10 faction world empire to be established due to colonization phobias. What is more, the anti-Christ empire will not appear (overtly and visibly) as an empire until the covert 10 (3 removed) have handed over their power to him. The prophetic timeline regarding this 10 kingdom, 10 king conglomerate is (due to its covert progress) farther along than a surface-level assessment gives credit. What we see happening in the visible geopolitical world always lags behind what is going on in the “shadow world government.” That is, the covert is hidden behind the overt until the time God removes the restrainer. To keep one’s self in step with what is going on “behind the scenes,” one should rely on the indicators provided by our Lord in Luke 21.

We are very near the end of a generation, which has seen Israel obtain nationality. According to Jesus’ parable of the fig tree, the generation which sees Israel’s restoration is the same that will see all “these things” come to pass. No one is predicting the Lord’s return by setting dates; rather, it is important to recall Jesus gave us indicators to note the signs of the times which would take place from his resurrection to the end, just before his return. 68 yrs have passed since 1948, and the UN and its subsidiaries have been working like bees since then. 70 is the number at which God counts a generation (Ps. 90:10). In my understanding, this means the “Beginning of Birth Pangs” (Matthew 24:8) have only about 2 years to appear before they give way to “the end of the times of the gentiles.” But, I think we all agree the Beginning of Birth Pangs have already begun, and the contractions are closer together now.

The UN and its subsidiary supranational government, the EU/UfM, meet all of the 10 kingdoms, 10 kings requirements but in a way that one may not be looking for. Just like the leaders of Jesus’ day—and even His disciples—had their traditions and engrained concepts of (Messianic) prophecy that kept them distracted from the fulfillments happening before their eyes, even so I believe we are in danger of the same these days.

Until Anti-Christ Comes Overtly on the Scene via His Own Kingdom (“little horn” rising after 3 removed: Daniel) & Receives Control of 7, formation of the Beast Empire is Covert

The main complaint with an EU / UfM view of the Revived Roman Empire is supposed “overt” status of the 10 kings and 10 kingdoms. If one looks for the world to be geopolitically split into 10 globally-known/recognized regions and led by 10 globally-known/recognized kings, such a view would only exacerbate the colonization phobias with which the UN has already had to put away by decolonization efforts in 1966.

There is a more “covert” view of this matter to solve the colonization phobias. The 10 kings and 10 kingdoms are certainly physical regions of rule for the globe and are indeed 10 human kings (albeit demonically influenced/possessed); BUT, their power over the 10 regions would not be known as such by the whole world, even though it is effectively so. Indeed, the 10 regions of rule may not be overtly declared as political entities. Theirs is a real but covert power until the time the Little Horn (overt kingdom of anti-christ) and the anti-christ himself are unveiled.

We are farther along in the prophetic timeline for these 10. The 10 kingdoms and 10 kings already have been covertly established (i.e. original 2008/2009, EU/Eap/UfM) and they have been given according influence by the UN, which allows them rulership over their respective UN Global Regions of rule (kingdoms). Currently, 2 of the 10 (Egypt and Syria) have been removed. We are waiting for the 3rd kingdom to remove, so the Little Horn (anti-christ kingdom and anti-christ king) may arise to rule all 7.

Here’s how all that breaks down:

The Club of Rome & Vatican Control the UN 

The Club of Rome is very much in the global government picture. Having called for and retained its ideal of a 10 region system with 10 kings in 1968, The Club of Rome has infiltrated and now operates within the UN, and through the legislation it sees passed.

In 2009, the organization established a three-year program on “A New Path for World Development”. In a flyer describing the project, it declared “The global issues which were the focus of the 1972 Report, “Limits to Growth” are even more severe and urgent today.” The project has five issue areas: Environment and Resources, Globalization, International Development, Social Transformation, Peace and Security.[13] (Wikipedia The Club of Rome)Many of the points of “A New Path for World Development” are those adopted by the UN’s 2009/2010 Millennial Global Development Agendas. It is disseminating “influence” (a.k.a. agenda points, edicts) upon the UN constituency, particularly the European Neighborhood Partnership = EU/UfM — a supranational conglomeration, which fulfills the 2 footed and 10 toed prophecy of Daniel [see further down].

Rome Has the Power

It may be a different kind of The Club of Rome, but the Vatican’s installment of Pope Francis was bizarre to say the least. Rome has the power. The “Vicar of the New World Order” has been leading the UN in its most “ambitious” aims — e.g. Post-2015 Global Sustainable Development Agenda It seems the Club of Rome not only has been developing its empire but has already vested its false prophet, who has brokered more religiously-driven geopolitical alliances and global agendas in the last 3 yrs than any in history. Last year, both chairs of the UN, at the adoption of the GSDA in Ireland, not only acknowledged him reverently (a thing not done to other religious dignitaries) but said they look to Pope Francis for direction. I think this kind of power and influence can be wielded only if the Vatican has brokered deals with fallen angels and demons in the form of “aliens” that the international elites are also keeping covert until the unveiling (2 Thess. 2). If the false prophet is here, then the false messiah is not far behind in being revealed.

Due to its Covert-to-Overt Agenda, the Vatican/Club of Rome/UN Give the EU/EaP/UfM Inconspicuous but Real Control Over UN Regional Groups (via economic, political and military pressures/sanctions or benefit such as MDGs, Agenda 21 and Post 2015 GSDA.)

The UN operates in the background (as a shadow government) with the appearance of preserving each country’s visible/territorial or “sovereign” government but clearly exerting global policies that directly affect the laws & policies of the nations under its control (ex. Trans-Pacific Partnership). As with every shell corporation, the UN has subsidiary organizations and even supranational governments do its “dirty” work. Colonization fears are the very reason the “shadow world empire” (globalist elites: Illuminati, Club of Rome, et al) must operate within the UN and its subsidiaries. What are those subsidiaries? Among other non-government organizations like NATO, UNESCO, World Bank Group, IMF; the EU, EaP and UfM are (for all intents and purposes) supranational governmental subsidiaries of the UN.

2008 & 2009 were a very busy years. Americans remember it as the year our economy crashed. That is a little beyond coincidence when considering the other transformations that contemporaneously were taking place around the globe. 2008 was also the year that the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) was officially forged by the EU. The 10 kings & 10 kingdoms as originally established under the 2008/2009 UfM agreement were: AlgeriaPalestinian AuthorityEgyptIsraelJordanLebanonMoroccoSyriaTunisia, and Turkey. The constituents of the EU/EaP are considered 1 head (supranational), while those brought in by the UfM nations/kings are seen as the other individual heads. The EPNI, the EU money instrument, is over 15 billion strong. These people are rich. Again, in 2009, the Club of Rome advising the UN with its “A New Path for World Development.” Yes, these were very busy years.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.18.10 PM

Now, the EU’s role under the UN is to implement, model and enforce UN agendas as well as make international acquisitions as directed by the UN/Club of Rome/Vatican. The EU/UfM nations [their UN leaders] are veritable rulers of their respective UN global regions. Directly following the official formation of the EU / UfM, the UN divided up the world into 10 Regional Groups for their Millennial Development Goals Report in 2009/2010. See the UN’s MGD page HERE

Since the inception of the UfM, the world has witnessed Benghazi in Lybia, the Arab Spring and revolution in Egypt and what amounts to WWIII in Syria. In other words, there has been severe pushback to the EU / UfM. Is there a coincidence that these UfM nations have been the center of radical and apocalyptic Islam? Arab nations represented by these UfM countries do not wish to be ruled by the Vatican/Club of Rome/UN subsidiary government, the EU/UfM. What is more, 2 UfM kingdoms have dropped out of the UfM since 2009 rather violently and are “status pending;” meanwhile, the EU scrambles to acquire Lybia.

UN MDG 2009

The above global regions were used from 2009 through 2014, after which the UN global regions took on a different sectoring and were reduced from 10 regions to 7, including observer states (i.e. Israel, Palestine). What precipitated this decline by 3 global regions? Fulfillment of prophecy. If you have eyes to see it, the EU / UfM is being restructured to match (in governance) the UN’s global regions. It is essential to realize this UN re-sectoring came directly on the heels of 2013’s Euro Crisis: (“Euro cannot be saved” — Germany’s Minister of Finance). In other words, the financial center of the EU / UfM makes the announcement of impending collapse, and that is the code word to begin restructuring the global regions, because the 7 must already be in place to give their power to the 8th which will rise from among them. But, having rezoned the global regions, the EU / UfM must itself be restructured to match. What proof is there for this claim? In 2014, the Post 2015 Sustainable Global Development Agenda was written in order to be ratified in September of 2015. So, in 2014 the UN rezones  global regions in response to impending Eurozone collapse. The same year, the UN abandons the former MGDs for SGDs; and the SGDs (having been ratified late last year) are those which are driving the new EU Global Strategies (economic and geopolitical agendas of the UN led EU / UfM) in light of the impending Brexit & according EU collapse.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.09.44 PM
By Lokal_Profil, CC BY-SA 2.5,

The Vatican/Club of Rome/UN are making the EU/UfM restructure itself into a form more ready for the overt Beast Empire—out of chaos, order—because the time is short.

At this time, the EU is being directed to drastically transform itself into another supranational entity, which more closely matches the Post 2015 SDGA of the UN. That is, the EU / UfM are following protocols for a new Global Strategy (matching that of the UN’s 7 global regions), which is the formation of globally centralized governing entity matched for a global domain of rule: an 8th kingdom that comes from the 7 kingdoms (which once were 10 but 3 removed) and will rule them all.

Brexit is the Catalyst for EU / UfM’s Reformation 

The Brexit is the catalyst for this restructuring, and the exits which will drive the EU into a feigned collapse fit the prophecy of Daniel 2:42 which states the “clay” (PIGGS nations, Syria, Egypt and Lybia) will not stick to the “Iron.” Yet, its being healed and followed is Revelation 13:3.

For a deep look into the EU’s Global Strategy to completely revamp and strengthen the Union to match UN directives, see the following:

“The construction of the European Union was the most beautiful dream of the 21st century. We must build another one, he said.” (quoting Charles Michael, Belgian prime minister) 

Keep your eyes on the status of Jordan and Turkey in the UfM. They are crucial to this transformation and the rise of the Little Horn.



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