WWIII is Literally on the Horizon

Please see the following article by Space.com:

See Jupiter and the Moon Team Up in Friday’s Night Sky


Have you heard any rumblings about Jupiter (Zeus) being behind the moon (Artemis / Diana) beginning tonight? Jupiter has been in Leo (the Lion — Israel or Judah) constellation and will move into Virgo (the Virgin, or Earth) by Aug. 9.

I do not look to astrology for truth or to guide life. That would be witchcraft; but, God has given us the stars for signs of what is taking place, for His appointed times and for seasons (Genesis 1:14). In the present night sky, I am seeing confirmation of what we already know to be happening from news reports [i.e. NATO has just finished with refreshing and refining their unity of arms against their foes, a.k.a. Russia. Turkey has sided with Russia; Russia has threatened Finland if it joins NATO; the Eurozone is on the verge of collapse and the EU has committed to a new Global Strategy; both the EU and Iran are loudly pressuring Israel’s sovereignty but falling on deaf ears… and—in Iran’s case—openly threatened Israel; she is beset on all sides. A multi-national war of the superpower nations is brewing quickly and tensely]. I would summarize the stars this way:

“The one whom Romans [and Greeks] hail as the chief god—whom we know as Satan—now begins to push forward open war in Israel, so that he may bring war to the whole earth.”

Now we know that Ezekiel 37-38 and Isaiah 17 are already in motion, and that, we are in the edge of a full blown Psalm 83 war. Egypt has already seen horrific turmoil. Damascus is already all but a ruinous heap. Jordan is about to topple. With the recent Iran deal, we see how nuclear showdown can happen in or near Tehran. The stage is set for the War of Gog & Magog, which centers in Israel and will affect the whole earth.

If I am understanding what the Spirit is saying in the signs of the stars, I believe we will see open war erupt in Israel and move into the whole world (as in WWIII) by August 9… and that process begins in earnest this night.

May the Lord give us discernment in the signs of the times and endurance in waiting for Him, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Who comes with clouds of glory, riding His white horse. His Name is Faithful and True, and He says, “Behold, I come quickly.” Even so, Maranatha, Adonenu Yeshua.



See also: Before & After the Turkey Coup

[hint: China is in financial partnership with Russia by BRICS. Thus, their “flexing” in response to EU/UN/NATO]

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