In a previous article posted on the 8th/9th of July, Lamb’s Harbinger prophesied that by August 9, 2016, WWIII would be pushed forward and outward (world-wide), having its centrum in Israel.

That war is escalating very quickly. Change your mind and change your ways & beliefs. Go toward the Creator, the Highest High One of Heaven and Earth; and place your trust solely in Yeshua ha’Mashiach / Jesus the Messiah to reconcile you to the Creator, God. Now is the time of acceptance; today is the day of eternal rescue! Flee from the wrath to come!

Below are the escalations of that World War since August 8:

See also: Before & After the Turkey Coup

[hint: China is in financial partnership with Russia by BRICS. Thus, their “flexing” in response to EU/UN/NATO]

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