The Emaciated & Very Bony Fish: #GLS16 — Day 1

Eat the fish; spit out the bones,” forever rings in my ears, as a result of those who taught me how to navigate a world filled with errors that masquerade the Truth of Jesus.

Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit is, well, globalist and widely ecumenical (a.k.a. apostate; compromised) in nature. And all that ecumenical “warm & fuzziness” cannot possibly withstand the lure of compromising truth with error. I expected some; I hoped the meat might outweigh the skeleton. My theological spitune sat at the ready. However, what I encountered was nothing short of appalling to this essentialist, conservative evangelical, non-denominational Christian.

Please don’t misunderstand. There were some really biblically rich, Spirit-filled and powerful statements by a scarce few speakers; and their practical points of leading people (at least in a corporate world) were insightful. Also, despite my tough tweeting—the #GLSatGrace gave me last years (2015) conference DVD, Team Edition. Perhaps it was their way of overcoming with good what they may perceive as evil. Or, maybe my GLS16 satellite location admin merely counted the number of my tweet hashtags & didn’t read my tweets’ meaning. Benefit of the doubt, right? Right. I did receive it with saying thanks, by the way. I figured.

if they want to bring high visibility and attention to my tough questions & constructive criticism, that’s their choice.’


Still, the fish was emaciated and very bony. Between many bouts of inner hacking & gagging, I repeatedly cried out in my spirit, “What are you doing to my Jesus?”

At the start, I set aside that Bill Hybels began by praying to “God” with an aire of ambiguity and ended without “in Jesus’ Name,” even more ambiguous and politically correct. How’s that for rising up in the global context? It got worse from there.

Immediately, Bill Hybels challenged the audience to be “humble,” and so, learn. My cult radar went on red alert. Why? Rhetoric training teaches this was GLS16’s strategicaly and promptly setting the conference ethos that ‘anyone who disagrees with the subject matter presented is proud.’

Hybels’ rhetorical appeal was an emotional one ‘straight out of the gates’ to ostracize critical thinking and invoke the audience to fall into something just short of a zombie trance, roused and hungered only by the voice of objection. It’s a cult tactic. No thinking; just embibe, memorize & spread the brand.

The globalist heresies were thick and deep, hidden in plain sight.

Let’s address those in turn.

No Jesus’ Name Policy

After speaking, Mr. Hybels introduced a video featuring leadership personnell within the United States Air Force. At a conspicuous point, the highlighted officer states something to the effect that he’s ok with the Air Force’s policy of not talking about his Christian faith. His Reason? He prefers to quit talking so much about faith and just “live it out.” Result? The audience erupts in applause and agreement to my horror, because:

Besides this, refusing to speak Jesus’ Name or agreeing to not speak His Name is to deny Jesus. Here’s what He has to say about that:

…but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven. –Jesus (Matthew 10:33)

The True Legacy of Christian Leaders & the Difference Between Church and Business

Apparently, it is possible for GLS16 and the above-mentiond Airman to fulfill the Great Commission wihout “preach[ing] the Gospel to all creation,” or “warning every man and teaching every man…” like Jesus and Apostle Paul commanded/exemplified (Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 16:15; Colossians 1:28). How that can be a proper legacy for a Christian leader is mysterious indeed. But, then again, Mr. Hybels taught that we can change our “energy chart” and ask God to correct our life’s narrative. Perhaps Mr. Hybels will take his own advice. I pray so.

Contrary to what Mr. Hybels and the USAF believe, Jesus & The Apostles assert that people can & must remember both what you teach them AND how they feel around you. At times Jesus & The Apostles were lions in the face of religious counterfeits, and they suffered or died for it. But also, they were gentle as new mothers among those who had heard, considered and believed their Good News, which is the Church’s main objective and only legacy.

Melinda Gates: Christianity’s Frenemy

Next, Melinda Gates was interviewed by Bill Hybels. The only trouble is Melinda was loosely presented as a Catholic Christian leader with several opaque references to her background, “conservative” morals & principles and beliefs. Leaving aside the apostacy and aggressive ecumenism (acquisition) of Roman Catholicism, there is sufficient evidence showing Mrs. Gates and the Gates Foundation are anything but friendly to the principles and people of genuine Christianity. Warren Buffett—whom Mrs. Gates referenced and quoted more than a few times—is certainly no poster child for Christian stalwarts either.

Bill Hybels’ New Brand of Leadership: World Vision & Hamas?

For what seemed like an eternity, Bill Hybels put in an unashamed plug for World Vision. I was hoping for expression of shame for the following reason:


Does GLS16 bring in big names? Yes. Are their team/management coaching talks valuable to a business leader? Absolutley. Is the Church a business? No. THE Leader, the Great Commission, operation & legacy of the Church are actually far different from the principles & practices of globalist (religious, corporate / political) elites. Their definition of humility is “no distinction; no dissent.” Their type of ‘rising up’ in today’s global context makes sure Jesus is minimized, diluted, redefined and denied until it’s ok to live out a “Christianity” that has no message. Just do good works in the name of good, and lose your soul by denying Him that way. By no means suffer for Him in this. In fact, “follow the money,” especially if it leads to advertisements, obligations to & entanglements with frenemies of genuine Christians everywhere; or better yet… just shamelessly and unaccountably solicit & use the money of Christians—who wish to bless the wartorn, poor and needy—to fund a known Islamic terrorist organization.

Sorry GLS16, I won’t be returning for Day 2. You understand… right?

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