Warnings About the Word of Faith Movement

Even though I shared my testimony on TBN 42, I do not ascribe to or recommend the Word of Faith movement. In fact, I call it apostacy. I have only shared my testimony, as my Heavenly Father has given opportunity. Below is a compilation of warnings about that movement. May our Lord Jesus grant us discernment in these last days.

10 Ways the Word of Faith Movement Went Wrong | Charisma Magazine

Is the Word of Faith movement biblical? | Got Questions

3 Word of Faith Errors | Christianity About

What’s Wrong with the Word of Faith Movement? Part One | CRI

What’s Wrong with the Word of Faith Movement? Part Two | CRI

Audio Christian Errors: Word of Faith | CARM

The Word-Faith Movement | Rapidnet

Word of Faith Movement: A Doctrinal Critique | Evangelical Reformed Fellowship

Exposing the Word of Faith Properity Gospel | Justin Peters

Ex-Word of Faith Preacher tells “THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WORD OF FAITH” 

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