The New “Pax Romana:” EU to be Global Security Provider & Europarl Proposes 7 Years of Defence Union

As predicted in previous posts such as Geopolitical Engineering at its Best, the EU has created its own crisis in order to enact its prefabricated solution of universal military control, reminiscent of a Pax Romana by a Revived Roman Empire — a.k.a. The Last (Gentile) Empire to Rule Jerusalem, as biblically prophesied.

The first indiaction of this morph of the EU came directly on the heels of the Brexit referendum and was categorized under Global Strategy. Brexit and the EU’s collapse is perhaps the mortal wound of the EU/UfM (Beast out of the Sea), which wound shall be healed to the marvel of the world.

Now, EU’s global security agenda is announced on the day following what many are calling the USA’s version of Brexit by electing Donald J. Trump to President. Only, Trump is actually for global militarization / security, just as is the EU. But, The Donald’s affinity for Russia scares EU a bit. I see DJT somehow closing this animosity with his ‘art of the deal,’ placing the USA as a broker between the two entities. I also suspect the EU sees this and are all the more motivated to get out their product of a global army.

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