A Response to Anne Graham Lotz’s Inaugural Assessment

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, spoke out recently in an article published by Prophecy in the News. She responded to Donald Trump’s inaugural prayer service, stating that even though the Christian God was represented, so many other religious presences poluted the day.

As a Christian, I agree with Mrs. Lotz’s assessment that the Creator, as described in the Christian New Testament is not a god among others. He is THE one, true God above all others.

HOWEVER, also as an Anabaptist Christian, I do not believe a true faith is one that can be mandated or forced upon citizens by the State. There are some Christian sects, which believe Christianity must conquer the world by socio-political means. They practice theonomy, which is the establishing of biblical laws into the legal structure of whatever nation Christians call home. This stems from a theology labeled “Post-Millennialism,” which seeks to “bring in the kingdom” of Jesus Christ by societal engineering. Though it is right and good to have morally just and righteous laws by biblical standards, it is quite another thing to try establishing a theocracy in hopes that people will be governed into a belief system. It smacks of Islamic Sharia.

I hate and despise theonomy, because it overlooks the fact that God’s kingdom is not like man’s kingdoms. It cannot be legislated into or out of existence. Rather, His kingdom is within every heart that believes of free will (as opposed to coercion). 

One day, Jesus Christ will return to establish his kingdom on earth. At present, though, believers are both the subjects and the spaces (the temples) of His kingdom, having their primary and eternal citizenship in Heaven with Christ Jesus.

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