Mystery Babylon, Mysteries of the Bible with Joel Richardson | SkyWatchTV

Joel Richardson, with his book and in his  interviews with Skywatch TV (part 2 HERE), is both saying things I have come to (about the 7th & 8th Beast of Revelation, its seven heads/hills being former world empires); AND he is changing my mind to more fully form what I have been only partly understanding within the topic of the biblical Mystery Babylon’s not being a literal city, but moreso the city in which the last global empire is situated.

That being said, I cannot fully dismiss a “revived Roman empire,” seeing the Beast is prophesied by John on Patmos to rise out of “THE Sea—Mare Nostrum, or the Mediterranean,” the water highway of trade & also the expanse of ancient Rome…. And so, as Saudi Arabia and Islam have taken over The UN and EU/UfM (which surrounds the Mediterranean and unites the Middle East with the West), Joel Richardson’s interpretation still meets a revived Roman empire with a “Babylon” city (Jeddah/Mecca) that has access to the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal.

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