Pope Francis Brings His Call For a “New World Order” to the West’s Cultural Elite – Prophecy in the News

“What’s needed is a “revolution.”

“The third message I would like to share today is, indeed, about revolution: the revolution of tenderness,” he said, in the final section of his speech.

His speech disagreed dramatically with what the Bible teaches about the human heart. But it also continued his push for a new global financial system.

In 2015, the pope published his much-cited encyclical Laudato Si (Be Praised). As we wrote at the time:

Following on from the pope’s earlier criticism of capitalism in his encyclical Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel), it is a subtle bid for much greater Catholic control over the global economy, global politics and even the whole globe in general.

That document was full of the same attacks on our current “system” of government and running the economy. Our article continued:

But it is when Francis gets to the solution of these problems that his letter is most dramatic. Once again, Francis places the blame for both the coming environmental crisis that he foresees, as well as world poverty, on the shoulders of “the current global system, where priority tends to be given to speculation and the pursuit of financial gain.” There is some truth to this—man’s current system is far from perfect—though it ignores the fact that communism has had more than its fair share of environmental disasters and does much less to help the poor.

And the solution? As soon as Francis starts addressing this subject in Chapter 5 of his letter, he calls for a radical new power to be given control in the world.

This is the heart and core of this document’s message—not the global warming debate that has taken up so many newspaper columns. Francis writes that we must think of “one world with a common plan.”

Here he builds on the previous pope’s, Benedict xvi’s, radical call for a “world political authority” in one of his encyclicals.”


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