Anonymous FBC-Affiliated Evangelist Responds to My Story

A few days ago, I was contacted by a Falls Baptist Church affiliated evangelist… who speaks often at Falls Baptist Church special meetings and conferences. I receive 1-2 contacts like this per month, stating how angry/bitter or deceived I am, how good Falls is & how I should not write or say what I am writing and saying, particularly in reference to My Story.

I am astonished how these individuals answer matters without hearing them, which the Bible clearly states is to practice foolishness (Proverbs 18:13). Moreover they charge me with unethical behavior, both when I blow the proverbial whistle at the crimes of Falls Baptist Church… or when I post their accusatory emails anonymously. This evangelist did not wish to be cited by name, like all the others. In the instance of the below message, I had not heard from the person in several years.


How are you doing, Sam? I am in Wisconsin again, right now in a revival campaign where God is responding to our prayers in _________. I am taking a minute to send you this message about a couple of things, but would be glad to talk with you on the phone if you wish.

Recently I came across some things you wrote on your blog (you’ll have to forgive me for my technical ignorance–I use the internet mainly for e-mail messages like this one; I have a Facebook account but mainly neglect it, and hardly understand what “blogging” is) about the IFB cult and particularly your experience at Falls. I am not angry with you or upset, but I thought I should pass on a few impressions:

Speaking positively, let me tell you that I was at the Falls Mens’ Retreat last week, and found the men in remarkable spiritual shape. This last year, there has been a noticeable lift in the atmosphere in the church, that can be related to the new emphasis on personal time with God. I mean you can feel the difference when you are with men from the church. No kidding. Also any given Sunday, the church is loaded with new converts learning to walk with Jesus, as well as seekers who are being drawn to Him. Again, no kidding.

I should also say that the leadership of the church has given attention to improving and correcting the way things have been handled in the past. You can see the difference in the College.

Sam, for some time some of what you write would give any attentive reader the impression that you have some ax to grind, some grudge against certain people, that influences the spirit and sometimes the rationale of your words. In the past I have thought I would point this out, but was unsure how you would take it. I had contemplated asking if you had a personal issue with me. Maybe I should have spoken sooner.

The truth is, there is no IFB cult. Independent Baptist churches are by definition independent and varied in their teachings and practices. Fundamentalism is a principle and not a denomination.

When you change your views, you should probably move on and leave your former associates alone. Pray for them. Maybe state your case to them privately, but don’t try to hurt them. Some day, we regret such activities. Venting anger over the past doesn’t really heal people. It keeps them stuck in a miserable pit of confusion and resentment. Having grace to move on can and does heal people.

Sam, you are an intelligent man, and you serve the Lord Jesus. I risk our friendship by writing you this note, but I hope we can stay friends. Take these thoughts for what they are worth. I have prayed for you today, and would be glad to discuss any of this if you wish.


Here is my response:

“Thank you for writing.

If there is any voice from “my past” (as you say) that I am inclined to listen to, it would be yours.

However, what you write reveals how little you know of what has gone on behind the scenes… and continues at Falls Baptist Church. If you will consider for a moment the fact you are always a revered guest in their presence, then you should also quickly come to understand that you may never see the Falls that members and students are faced with.

As for your advice to speak directly with the pastors and staff at FBC: I have done on multiple occasions and by many means. Never once did anyone still on staff at FBC/BCM offer anything close to a humble apology. A few others (who have since left FBC/BCM associations) have apologized. At the culmination of my appeals to them, I sent back my diplomas with a call for their repentance, hoping this would jar them into some seriousness. I never received so much as an acknowledgment. I lay that to their conscience before God.

As opposed to you, I do use technology as a tool. It is the “street preaching” of my generation and those after me. As a result of utilizing the venues with which you have little acquaintance, I shared My Story, being sure there were others who had suffered similarly to me, if not worse. My certainty became concretely affirmed when (after sharing my story), I began to receive no less than 2-3 contacts a day from people whose stories either match or rival mine in serious biblical offense, not to mention criminality, under the hands of FBC/BCM administration and staff. The weight of these contacts was so grievous, I started an online support group. Within 3 days, more than 125 people had joined the group. A high-ranking member of the Menomonee Falls police force is sympathetic to our group. The group now has 132 members—some of which are former deacons, staff & administration of FBC/BCM. It can be stated from evidence that the most dedicated and committed individuals at FBC/BCM are abused the most.

Again, the stories that these individuals write are not just about biblically serious offenses; they touch (in some cases) on the criminal, repeated and covered up. Like his father before him, Wayne Van Gelderen, Jr. seems to like sweeping serious matters under the proverbial rug. I will list the genre of criminality to you, as reported by the members of the group:

A. Failure to report sexual abuse of minors

B. Failure to report physical abuse of minors

C. Failure to report adult domestic battery and/or domestic rape. [Among these claims, it is alleged that staff appeared in court and lied about this kind of matter under oath, to the detriment of a mother and children, all in order to keep one of their evangelists (also accused of adultery) out of trouble]

D. Destruction of property

E. Failure to pay wages / minimum wage

F. Detainment of an adult against his will (under lock & key)

G. Child neglect / mistreatment by nursery staff

H. Harassment

I. Blackmail and/or Coercion

J. Destruction of evidence

Civil matters reported include:

A. Non-performance of academic contract

B. False advertising of academic product

C. Discrimination

D. Defamation of Character to the point of personal/professional injury by breaking professional clergy / laity confidentiality.

When I wrote my story, did I set out to gain a following? No. But, many have come to me; they know I want no following, but they also find healing by reading the same truths that God used to dispel untruth from my heart… particularly the bad interpretation, half-truths and outright lies, under which they were held by Falls/BCM and “sister” churches. It was God who laid these poor, abused, conflicted and discarded souls at my feet after His first having taken me through some of their plight.

THEREFORE, I obey the Bible, when in Proverbs 31:8-9. it reads: (NLT: check the Hebrew. It is correctly translated).

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. and see that they get justice.”

So, in that regard, I will not follow your baseless advice to “move on and leave my former associates alone” after having changed my views.

As to your charge that I “have an axe to grind” (i.e. am angry or bitter or filled with other vengeful motives), I’d say that you can hardly ascertain that by reading My Story, especially when I directly state my purpose in the text itself. Do you claim to know my motivations by some divine revelation, sir? If so, you are in company with Falls in that. As stated above, my aim now is to provide solace and spiritual direction to all those God sees fit to send to me or who care to hear me out. Others have read my accounts and have concluded (upon reading all of the linked articles within the text) that I wish only to serve and warn others of the pitfalls of the Independent Fundamental Baptists’ common “philosophies of ministry” and their erroneous interpretations on which those philosophies are ill-based. Falls is but my case-in-point example.

Do I believe Falls is a cult? Yes. Do I believe the IFB movement is largely cultish? Yes… not for its holding the essentials of historic, biblicist Christianity BUT for touting non-essential philosophies and “standards” as equal to the essential doctrines & by creating a subculture within their “churches”—since the late 1930’s & early 1940’s—that put men in the place of God and nearly altogether has erased the believer’s mandate to follow only the Holy Spirit (in accordance with the scriptures). In essence, they have removed priesthood of the believer in favor of following “emperor style” leadership, as John Van Gelderen has so aptly put it. [By the way, do consider why John would distance himself from his own brother]. They have become lords over God’s heritage, and this is strictly forbidden; by this they disqualify themselves from the one office they claim to keep! They have little to no true accountability [no, nepotism does not count] and their cavalier attitudes and policies regarding crimes are atrocious. In these ways, the IFB is more than a little cultish; and Indiana [my home State] has been PLAGUED, sir, by the cancer of such churches, from Chuck Phelps to Hepzibah House to Jack Schapp to Jack Hyles and to David Zempel (who is deep in the Van Gelderen web). Yes, in these things, the IFB has become every bit a cult movement with many varied associations and schools under which it is loosely organized but tightly held.

As to your observation that they are improved at Falls. A man or even an organization of men may improve their behavior, all the while never “getting right” with those they grievously offended, biblically and/or lawfully. I am not impressed, until they observe the same humility they preach and ask for forgiveness publicly, and in showing true fruits of repentance, seek to make amends/restitutions for their wrongs!

_________, you were once a bright spot in my training years. I do not have and never have had a personal grievance with you. If I had, I would have told you directly, because that is (perhaps opposed to your opinion of me) the way I biblically operate; it is the way I operated with Falls, until they proved brazenly unrepentant and to be devouring God’s Sheep in the name of their “cause.” We had a friendship once; and I believe we are still brothers in Jesus. But, I do not pretend that still we have a fellowship together… even before you wrote the email to which I now reply. We certainly may stay acquaintances.

I welcome the prayers. Our God sifts them. I bless you in Jesus’ name and pray every good thing He has to be on your life.


Sam Kean

11 thoughts on “Anonymous FBC-Affiliated Evangelist Responds to My Story

  1. Margaret Chaney.

    10 years ago my husband physically assaulted me, it is documented at the hospital I went to after he assaulted me. I then called Pastor Van Gelderen and he asked me next time my husband assaults me to contact him and to not call the police. So then 4 years ago after my husband physically assaulted me again, I talked to Pastor Van Gelderen in person. He said to me ” keep the faith” and he turned away from me and walked away. Last July my husband physically assaulted me three separate times, I went the ER, had exrays & documented the domestic violence. I told the Doctor that I had no support from my church.The Doctor was caring enough to get me a police officer I can call anytime for a welfare check. I told no pastors.IThe pastors wife I went to told me I had an anger problem, the church pastors wives are all indoctrinated that it is the wife’s fault.I am respectful of my husband. I told my husband that if he even looks at me threatening I will call the police. Husband spent the day feeling sorry for himself out loud. I have no recourse from Falls Baptist Church. I praise God for the wisdom & love of believing ladies outside of FBC who are teaching me to keep my power, I am right & no man can defile me. So I shake the dust from my feet & ask you Sam Kean what new church in the area would I be welcome in, please e-mail or text. 414 897 -4718. I’m so glad that the Holy Spirit directed me to this very enlightening site!!!


    1. Thank you for your bravely writing this story, Margaret! I believe you on every word, and I encourage you in your direction away from the Falls Baptist Church and similar fundamanetalist evangelical “churches.”

      It has been 10 years, since I lived in Wisconsin; so, it is difficult for me to recommend any church there. The culture of any church can change in 10 years.

      However, there are some important characteristics to look for in churches around your region. Here they are:

      A. Nepotism free. If they have several members of the same family on staff or as leaders in any capacity, run!

      B. Non-denominational ot Inter-denominational with extremely few ties to the Southern Baptist Convention. Some non-denominational churches will call themselves by that name, but really they only hire SBC pastors and promote only SBC leaders.

      C. Large enough for you to heal. It sounds counter-intuitive, but perhaps the best thing you can do is take some time in a larger church just to “be” and not to “seek growth” or “fit in” or anything. Larger congregations can be helpful in this, especially if you keep in mind that such large congregations usually have limited interaction.

      D. Multiple ages, races / ethnicities. It sounds basic, but if a congregation does not reflect a sample of all the ages, races/ethnicities in its area, chances are it is doing more harm than good in its community.

      E. Not “money-in” focused but “money-out” and “service-out” focused. If a group of believers constantly talks about its own “needs,” or buildings or expenses, then chances are it is not focused on meeting needs in the community. Churches get all self-focused and then cancerous, devouring one another.

      F. Not politically biased. If you hear a lot of political stuff but it is all on “one side,” then run! Jesus makes both sides “uncomfortable.” That being said, we are in a time where theocratic politics and religion are being blended by fundamentalist & conservative, white evangelicals. If the church promotes this rot, run and do not look back.

      Please consider looking on the “Find a Community” page of this site for some specific suggestions. May I suggest churches that are Anabaptist in approach to faith community and Bible interpretation? Some examples would be “Be in Christ” gatherings or Mennonite congregations.


  2. Margaret Chaney

    Hello, thank you for your information about churches. The Lord has opened up a possible new church for me . It is a Mystic Christian Church. No pastors. They promote a KJV Bible. Their website speaks of the Moravian Brethren & Of Watchman Nee. Called “Church in Milwaukee”, my friend who invited me is a believer .About 50 members. They sing hymns for an hour & Not sure how they do the next hour. Any insight about that church??


    1. Hi again, Margaret! I’m glad there is a group you are able to evaluate. I have not heard of them. As with all things, use your discretion, trust your instincts, but also, don’t be afraid to ask the group which scholars or teachers influence them most. They should be open about that. If it is only one or two teachers, and if there is little to no talk of welcoming the study of scholarly outside resources, then run. The KJV is a simply one translation among other translations. If they hail it as something unique and to be revered, run! But, I hope you are simply able to enjoy something that is not fear based and domineering.


    2. As a further caution, there is a BIG difference between “mystical” (gnostic) “Christianity” and Christians who are mystics, as in belief that one can commune directly with God without mediators or intervention. If this church you mention is “mystical Christianity,” then run! But if they simply mean, “priesthood of every believer” in the pietistic sense of the words, then you’re ok.


      1. Joshua Myers

        My name is Joshua Myers, I’m putting together a big story about corruption in the Baptist church. I’m wondering if we could talk. My gmail is

        I could use your story and others if you know anyone. I have a interview coming up with a news outlet and a couple podcast who want to break this story.


      2. It’s creepy that you simply say “Yes that is me,” like you are holding up some form of ID to the blog page & expecting me to see it. In reality, all you have given me is a random, unverifiable name and the narrative that you are putting together a “BIG” story on baptist corruption, …which has been done so well already on the national level that I’m convinced no one can be more thorough without also opening class action litigation.

        (Btw, if there is a class action lawsuit against IFB “colleges” and/or “associations” / “fellowships,” for their systemic coverups of crime, then THAT would be big.)


      3. Joshua Myers

        Look just hear me out. My name is Joshua Stephen Myers, born 05/31/1996. A couple months ago I found out a pastor church I recently belonged to was allowing his son to make inappropriate comments to young girls. I approached him to simply talk about how wrong it was and try to help him apologize. Instead he threatened to shoot me and 7 month old son. I went to the cops, nothing happened because I had no proof. His dad (the pastor) justifies his sons action then preached it as a sermon about standing up to the “unrighteousness” of this world. In the past 2 months, I’ve dug up as much as I can about corruption in the Baptist churches, I attended falls Baptist for their revival series several times and I know of Wayne Van Geldren and his wrong doings. Now I a chance at exposing all this, I just need one solid interview to back up my story. It would be 5 questions. But it could help, I want to make sure this corruption doesn’t touch my son again. I’m a Christian till the day I die and after. But I don’t believe anyone should ever threaten a 7 month old baby again.

        Sent from my iPhone



      4. Again, the depths of corruption in the IFB have been nationally reported by investigative journalists, who are credentialed, peer reviewed / critiqued and get paid to do their job. I provided links to them for your convenience.

        By all means, tell your story. I told mine, & I happen to believe yours. But if you want to keep yourself & your child from these monsters, then leave the independent fundamentalist movement (especially Baptists) now and never look back.


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